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Outdoor Activities in Belize Inspired by Nature Photography Day

Do you enjoy the little, but grand, things in life? We surely do! A close-up of a flower, the sighting of a beautiful tropical bird, a mesmerizing thunderstorm, natural formations, breathtaking sunsets, to name a few, often bring us travellers a sense of wanderlust and enjoyment even when captured through the camera lens.


Luckily for many of us, Nature Photography Day is fast-approaching (June 15th) which gives us yet another reason to celebrate Mother Nature’s daily offerings and all the adventures we can find within. Created in 2006, the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) initiated this event as a way of celebrating nature as well as creating awareness for the conservation and protection of plants, wildlife, and landscapes locally and worldwide through photography.


Our Belize luxury resort has been inspired by this event and prepared a collection of our most favourite outdoor activities and sightings in Western Belize that showcase an aspect of Mother Nature. Some of these include the Belize Botanical Garden, Barton Creek canoeing, Belize birding, wildlife spotting, the Green Iguana Conservation Project, and plenty more.

Feast your eyes on these dreamy Belize adventure tours and close-ups!


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