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The Resort

San Ignacio Resort Hotel

The Resort

We are proud to have served local and international visitors since 1976 (read our story) and provided guests with full service hotel facilities to ensure a fun-filled vacation. There is plenty to see and do in San Ignacio and enough on-site activities to keep you entertained.

Below are some of the Belize resort facilities offered by the San Ignacio Resort Hotel:

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The Running W Restaurant is the Hotel’s all-day dining restaurant that offers a newly remodeled air-conditioned dining hall boasting exceptional views of the hillside property.

Business & Mettings
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Business & Meetings

Our Belize conference room facilities provide over 5,500 sq. ft. of available space for business events in San Ignacio.

On site activites
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On-Site Activities

Belize tours provide a fun and exciting way to get to know San Ignacio and experience the natural beauty, thrill, and history of the country.

In room Treatments
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In-Room Treatment

Add a rejuvenating dimension to your leisure or business travel. Re-energize, relax and linger a while with an in-room well-being treatment featuring natural ingredients.

Iguana Project
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An informational and educational exhibit has been designed within the property to give visitors a closer look at this amazing reptile and learn how vital they are to the ecological balance of the river habitat

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The story about our San Ignacio Resort Hotel


This place is a 5 star resort with a great restaurant. There is a small ballroom sized casino next door that is perfect for a few rounds of $5 blackjack or some slots after a nice dinner in town. After all the free drinks it’s so nice to stumble the 50ft back to your comfy room with A/C cable! Pool area is perfect to relax with a beer and a book with a gorgeous floral jungle backdrop. The staff is phenomenal, front desk, maid service and restaurant waiters. Sweet, genuine smiles and professional service. I wish I could just rent a room and live there forever!