Barton Creek Cave

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Flowing from a giant crack in a mountain, this cave offers an adventure to the ancient past. Glide through the darkness in crystal clear waters into a mystifying world of marvelous natural formations. Here you will witness burial grounds, ceremonial pottery, and bones of ancient people that remain as an eternal testimonial.

DURATION: 1½ Hours
WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable attire, comfortable shoes, bug spray, waterproof camera recommended

Che Chem Ha

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An off-the-beaten path destination located about 16 miles from San Ignacio Town. This was used as a ceremonial centre for the ancient Maya — a civilization who believed caves were the entrance to “Xibalba”, also known as the Underworld. This cave is considered to hold the largest collection of Maya pottery in Belize and perhaps in the whole world.

DURATION: 5 hours
INTENSITY: Strenuous
WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable attire (i.e. t-shirt, shorts, pants, etc.), comfortable shoes (preferably hiking shoes) , bug spray, water, camera, binoculars (bird watchers)

Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing

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Learn about flora and fauna as your guide leads you on a 30-40 minute hike along a nature trail on your way to the Underworld— known by the Maya as ‘Xibalba.’ Strap on your headlamp, sit on your inner tube, and have a refreshing ride down this wonderful cave system where you’ll be mesmerized by natural wonders including stalactites, stalagmites and other rock formations. This tour is amazing fun for adults and kids alike!

DURATION: 4 hours
WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable attire, comfortable water shoes, swimsuit, bug spray, change of clothing, camera

Waterfall Cave Expedition at Caves Branch

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Begin your journey with a 45-minute hike through the jungle where you will enjoy the natural surroundings before arriving your expected destination. Once at the cave, you’ll be required to pass through a maze of tiny and tight spaces and arrive at the foot of the waterfalls. Climb and conquer these natural formations using a rappel rope and dive right into these invigorating cascades as you begin your journey back to the jungle.

INTENSITY: Difficult
WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable attire, comfortable hiking shoes, change of clothing, water shoes, bug spray, sunscreen, waterproof camera

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM)

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This site has been featured on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and History Channel because of its mesmerizing giant shimmering flowstone formations, stalactites, and stalagmites widely present throughout this 3-mile long cave. ATM features burial chambers, Mayan artifacts, intact calcified human remains, and slate stelaes that were used for burials. The cave was name after a shocking display showcasing the calcite-encrusted remains of a woman whom the Cave of the Stone Sepulchre was name for.

DURATION: 7 hours
INTENSITY: Extraneous
WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable attire, comfortable shoes (preferably water shoes), change of clothing, swimsuit, extra pair of socks, *no cameras allowed

St. Herman's Cave & Blue Hole National Park

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Used by the Maya during the Classic period, St. Herman’s Cave is now used as an adventurous voyage to the ancient past. This cave showcases a cave system featuring huge caverns and ceremonial chambers containing artifacts and calcified skeletons. After this “Underworld” experience, cool off at the Blue Hole and enjoy the bliss of the Belizean surroundings.

DURATION: 6 hours
INTENSITY: Extraneous
WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable attire, comfortable hiking shoes, bug spray, camera