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7 Must Haves for a trip to Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

Belize is known for having some of the most pristine Cayes and mesmerizing clear waters but Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret is also vibrantly green and bountiful on tropical rain forests that are perfect for a Belize jungle adventure.

Belize Jungle Tours

If you’re a person looking for thrill and adventure, Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve should definitely be in your top things to do in Belize. So here’s a list of what you should bring:

1. A backpack/bag to carry all the supplies listed below. If you have one with a hip belt, better! This will ease the load on your shoulders. 

2. Comfortable shoes or sandals with grip to avoid blisters or slipping (ouch!)

Rio On Pools Belize

3. Appropriate clothing, swimsuit, and extra clothes. Check the weather forecast or ask one of our Team Members for assistance on suitable clothing to take to Mountain Pine Ridge—differences will depend on the season you’re visiting.

4. Sunscreen, shades, and hat. Even though you’ll be surrounded by a diversity of trees and cool shade, these will come in handy when you take a dip at Rio on Pools or Big Rock Falls

Rio On Pools in San Ignacio

5. Water, water, water. Gotta stay hydrated!

6. Bug spray. Be smitten, not bitten! 

7. Fully charged camera. Believe us; you’ll die to capture the beauty that surrounds you at Mountain Pine Ridge

Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve

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