Belize Travel Notice – COVID-19
2021 may still seem like it's just started, but it will be gone before you realize it. That means there's no better time to book a trip to paradise for 2022. Your future self will thank you for paying it forward, and there are few places on Earth quite as spectacular as Belize. Here's why you should make this Caribbean nation your next vacation destination.
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With its perfect weather, gorgeous beaches, and expansive coral reef, Belize is a destination that makes perfect sense for couples who want relaxing sun and surf for the entirety of their vacation. But Belize is a lot more than just sandy beaches, and more adventurous couples can find plenty of interesting things to do here. If you really want to spend your honeymoon diving head-first into what Belize has to offer, here are some honeymoon ideas.
What’s on your calendar for what remains of the summer? If you’re like a majority of people in North America, a vacation is likely to be near the top of your wish list, but if you’re not yet ready to travel due to already-scheduled work or family obligations, don't fret. Autumn is just around the corner. If you can get away from August through November, no destination surpasses Belize – for these 5 reasons and so many more!
Like much of Central America, Belize brings travelers from throughout the Northern Hemisphere looking to escape winter back home. That, combined with the fact that Belize's green season extends from June into November, means that July represents a pretty significant downturn for the tourism industry. But that downturn can be to your benefit, and you might be shocked to discover the advantages that come from visiting Belize in July.
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