Belize Travel Notice – Health & Safety
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A Helpful Guide to Responsible Travel in Belize
A Helpful Guide to Responsible Travel in Belize

Do you understand what the phrase “responsible travel” means? Not many people do, writes Veronica Morrison in a Huffington Post article. She found rampant misconceptions when asking for a definition. For example, some people think that responsible travel is an extreme or

5 Must-See Mayan Ruins in Belize

Picture yourself traveling back in time to around the year 750 B.C., and all of a sudden, you materialize right in the middle of an ancient Maya city. Gaining your senses, you gaze at your surroundings, becoming transfixed by the sophisticated architecture. Irrigation systems, hieroglyphics and jaw-dropping, temples surround you! You're dazed by the enormous ancient civilization. But, then, you're awakened by a ritual procession, walking towards a fiery pit dedicated to demigods.