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San Ignacio Resort Hotel Feeling Grateful After Hurricane Lisa


For those of us who have lived through major hurricanes over time, watching weather reports every autumn becomes a primary activity as preparations begin in earnest to weather potential assaults. Belize is no stranger to these natural disasters, so when forecasters began reporting on Hurricane Lisa’s development in the Caribbean Sea early last week, well-honed practices borne of previous encounters with Mother Nature were immediately put into place by the team at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

Unfortunately, not all folks in the storm’s path came through this Category 1 hurricane unscathed, thus our thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered damage to crops, homes, and other structures. This was the first hurricane to make landfall in Belize during the month of November since 1942.

This hurricane proved once again that there are heroes among us. Ms. Paulita Figueroa, Ms. Perla Montero, Mr. John Vega, Mr. Luis Rosales, and other generous staffers left their homes and families to stay with our guests at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel during the worst of the storm. We already knew that we had the best team in Belize and this experience certainly confirmed that.

Guests were amazing. Being fully booked, and with reservations filling our calendar, we thank our guests who were understanding and helpful during this event and we especially appreciate travelers due to visit us in the upcoming months: So far, not a single cancellation has come in and as cleanup from what is now Tropical Depression Lisa makes its way through Mexico, we are busily preparing to welcome November guests.

Forecasters say that, “Lisa is not expected to re-strengthen while it emerges over water,” and tropical storm weather patterns will likely be gone by Monday morning, but for the team and guests who rode out this hurricane at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, memories remain of the cooperation and kindnesses shown at this time as we remain ready to give guests the idyllic vacations they have come to expect from our family.

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