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Make Your Next Event Unforgettable: Why You Should Host Your Conference or Wedding at San Ignacio Resort Hotel in Belize

San Ignacio Resort Hotel view from the pool

Planning an event or conference might seem like a hassle to many. There’s just so much planning and too many questions that need to be taken into consideration that, yes, event planning might seem like a nightmare! Where to host the event? Who will create the decorations? Who will help with the set-up?  What about the food? Drinks? And a lot of other questions that could probably fill out a whole book.

And that’s why we’re here…to complete each chapter in the most creative and efficient way. Business, romance, conference, or simply catching up with friends… San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s venues and event planning team are the way to go!

Take a look!


1. Our Bedran Hall: For those who appreciate luxury.

Belize conference rooms

For the wedding romance…

Belize conference rooms

Or a large conference…

Belize Conference Room decorated for an event!

Or for those who love to showcase…

2. Our swimming pool: For those who love the outdoors!

San Ignacio Resort Hotel view of the pool

A small get together?

San Ignacio Resort Hotel party by the pool

Or a fairly big get together!

3. The Caracol Room: A close-knit, cozy environment


Belize Conference Room set up for a meeting

Meet and plan?

Belize Conference Room set up for a sit down meeting with a meal

Eat and discuss?


Belize Conference Center
Or celebrate a romantic union?

4. The Bedran Annex: For small and traditional events

The Bedran Annex

A formal dining experience?

The Bedran Annex

Or an executive presentation?

Be stress-free. San Ignacio Resort Hotel team is here to make your Belize event much, much easier! Not only are we blessed with different venues for every type of occasion but most importantly, with a group of individuals who strive to cater to YOU!

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