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New Year’s Eve in Sunny Belize? What Better Way to Welcome 2024?

New Years in Belize

For celebrants who never met a holiday they couldn’t relish, it can come as a surprise to learn about the roots of New Year’s Eve. Forget ‘Roaring 20s’ shindigs that invited folks to let loose at ballroom venues and over-indulge in champagne. Anthropologists assure us that this occasion first took place in Mesopotamia around 2000 BCE when Babylonians turned out for a religious festival saluting the vernal equinox. 

This society’s celebrations lasted 11 days and consisted of gods being honored, food and drink being served nonstop and anyone hoping for a fortuitous new year showed their faithfulness by offering sacrifices to the gods in anticipation of the year ahead. 

Do you think you could manage that much partying? If you find the right venue for your New Year’s getaway, you can easily fill 11 days with fun, and the amount of champagne you sip is solely up to you. At Belize’s splendid San Ignacio Resort Hotel, located in Belize’s colorful Cayo District, you’re invited to include your favorite rituals as you launch 2024 at the venue fondly called “the only jungle in town.” 

Celebrate New Years in Belize

Yes, you can have it all

Celebrations and traditions are at the heart of New Year’s celebrations, so whether you consume 12 grapes at midnight, sample slices of round cakes to symbolize the circle of life or you eat pork or black-eyed peas because that tradition has been in your family for generations, your San Ignacio Resort Hotel concierge is happy to oblige your request. 

On the other hand, prepare to find so much fun without any traditions if you see the new year as your chance to stretch your wings. Where to start? With a Belize vacation package, especially if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to take advantage of good deals is at the top of your list. 

These bundles put you in the driver’s seat. Focus on nearby Maya ruins or fly on the wild side by getting in your quota of zip-lining, repelling into caves, or devoting your time to bird watching or unique onsite activities that include Belize’s #1 attraction: The Green Iguana Conservation Project.

Where to go for New Years

Where will you be at midnight?

In the presence of someone, you love who can’t wait to begin a new year in your company. The property is already working on delightful ideas for guests, but don’t worry if your focus is so dedicated to the daytime activities that engage body and mind that you don’t make it past midnight! You can always ask for a glass of champagne with breakfast on New Year’s Day. Given the efficiency of the team, your wish will be honored. 

What a fantastic way to kick off 2024—but only if you act fast. Find an airline flight. Book your accommodations. Then put yourself into the hands of the best hospitality crew in Belize. Expect to have such a fabulous time, you will already be thinking about returning for New Year’s Eve 2025!

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