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Escape the Office and Ignite Creativity: Plan Your Next Corporate Retreat in Belize

Plan a Corporate Retreat in Belize

The business world can be a jungle, so why not escape the pressure by holding your next corporate retreat in a real jungle? In Belize, your team will discover a beautiful country filled with exciting adventures.

Belize Is the Perfect Corporate Getaway


Whether you’re planning a business incentive trip or a corporate retreat, Belize is the perfect reward for your team’s hard work. It’s a small country that is big on excitement.

Belize is known for its stunning natural beauty and rich biodiversity. It’s a laid-back, stress-free environment, and your employees will immediately feel relaxed as they bask in the warm sunlight and easygoing tropical vibe.

Plan Your Activities

belize cave tubing adventures

Belize is ideal for events that foster teamwork and trust. There are many to choose from but here are some top ideas for your retreat.

Cave tubing: This unique-to-Belize experience involves taking a short hike through a forest, followed by an amazing river ride in an inner tube. At the end, you pass through a deep, intricate cave system while still in your inner tube.
• Wildlife refuges: Belize has many wildlife sanctuaries and nature preserves. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is the world’s first and only jaguar preserve. It is the perfect place to spot Belize’s many unique, exotic animals. The Green Iguana Conservation Project is an iguana nursery where visitors are encouraged to interact directly with these large, oddly charming reptiles.
Maya ruins: Belize’s history goes back to the ancient Maya, who built huge, impressive cities throughout the region. In Belize, you can visit these impressive ruins easily to take a walk through history. You can even take a day trip to next-door Guatemala to visit Tikal.

Enjoy the Perks of Luxurious Living

Belize All Inclusive Resorts

When you stay at a top-rated Belize resort, you’ll enjoy life at its best. Your team will be treated to expertly curated local tours and wonderful amenities. By booking a stay at a resort that caters to business groups, you can avoid all the stress of planning your retreat.

Where to Book Your Retreat or Incentive Trip

best resort in san ignacio belize

With more than 5,500 square feet of venue space, catering services, and a professional, on-site event planning team, the San Ignacio Resort is a natural for your next corporate event. Our beautifully appointed resort features:

• In-room spa and wellness treatments
• Guest-exclusive pool
• Guest-exclusive tours
• On-site birdwatching
• Lighted tennis court
• Walking distance to lively San Ignacio

To get a personalized plan for your next corporate event, contact us directly.

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