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Eat Em’ to Beat Em’, We Say…

On November 29th, the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic held a fundraising dinner gala at the largest conference facility in San Ignacio, the Bedran Hall. Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic provides veterinary care and protection for numerous species throughout the country. They also make sure our iggy’s at the Green Iguana Conservation Project are in tip-top shape for our visitors who are as avid about conservation as we are.


Belize Meeting Venues

Auction Table at SIRH

The menu started off with a Lionfish appetizer, which was an amazing choice to raise awareness about this invasive species that damages our beautiful Belize coral reefs.  Along with our other aggressive efforts in Belize to combat the species, we also EAT ‘EM TO BEAT ‘EM, like some of us like to say.


Lionfish Appetizer at San Ignacio Resort Hotel


The night continued on with a menu that showcased a tasty Sesame Coated Chicken entrée featured on the new menu that launched in our newly renovated Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant. On the other hand, the dessert consisted of delicious Éclairs stuffed with Maya vanilla pastry cream. These, along with several other sinful treats, can be enjoyed any day of the week at our luxury Belize Resort on the new Sweet Endings Menu.



Belize San Ignacio Restaurant

Sesame coated chicken entrée


Eclairs stuffed with vanilla pastry

Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant’ s house- made Éclairs



Congratulations to Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic for their continued conservation efforts and for pulling off such a successful fundraising event. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of it.  Can’t wait for next year’s event! 


Remember if you can’t BEAT EM’, EAT EM’! 



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