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World Animal Day

world animal day


Happy World Animal Day (October 4) to all the animal lovers of the world!


There are many animals in the world but one very near to our hearts is the Green Iguanas. The Green Iguanas, known locally as “bamboo chicken”, is the largest lizard in Belize and one of the largest in the world. Why Bamboo Chicken, you may ask? Sadly, the iguana has graced the Belizean table over the years, with its meat and eggs. When people ask what it tastes like, the usual answer is… chicken.


Due to the overhunting of the species, there has been a decreasing survival rate of Green Iguanas in Belize. It is for that reason that in 1996 Mrs. Mariam Roberson and Mr. Daniel Velasquez founded the Project to embark in a mission to protect the species and educate individuals about these amazing reptiles and their role in our eco-system.


world animal day


The Green Iguana Conservation Project follows a cycle of raising the Iguanas from the egg to juvenile stage. We later set them free by releasing them into their natural habitat. This effort, in collaboration with Belizean education facilities the initiative fosters and protects the Green Iguana species in Belize.


The Project is entirely self-sustained and relies on contributions and donations of interested patrons and visitors. The program offers a great field of research and education to the people of Belize and around the world by allowing individuals to interact with the Green Iguanas.


For many years, the Green Iguana Conservation Project has been the #1 activity to do in San Ignacio, Belize and awarded over the years by TripAdvisor with a certificate of excellence.


However, the real accolade for us is the part we play in assuring that these amazing and beautiful creatures aren’t eradicated and continue on gracing the jungles of Belize.


For more information visit our website and learn how you can be a part of the project.


world animal day

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