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Wildlife & Nature: Green Kingfisher

Scientific Name: Chloroceryle americana


The masters of fishing and eating!


Well known for its angler skills, the Green Kingfisher can be found from Southern United States through Central and South America. They are the smallest of the Kingfisher family which include the American Pygmy Kingfisher, Belted Kingfisher and Ringed Kingfisher.


The Green Kingfisher is olive green with white markings on its wings and plump, and have short tail feathers. Apart from the white collar around their neck, the males also have a burnt orange patch on their chests while the females have green chest bands and spots along the side of their bellies. These birds are 20 centimeters in length and weigh a little over an ounce on average.

green kingfisher

green kingfisher


The Green Kingfishers’ diet consists of small fish– they can eat their own body weight in food everyday so being the best anglers around is crucial! Kingfishers can typically be spotted on overhanging branches above the river or on a rock in mid-stream. They watch for small fish as they swim close to the surface, perfectly timing every catch; the Kingfisher will then fly down and plunge into the water head first while it takes the fish out of its home! Thereafter, they knock the fish on a hard surface and swallow it whole. In addition, this specie is also a fan of aquatic insects…sounds appetizing?

green kingfisher


The Green Kingfishers mating season is from late February to late June. The nesting is mostly along the river banks or permanent streams. A 3 feet long, 2 inches high and 2 inches wide burrow is excavated by both parents which holds a small chamber on its end to keep the tiny, white and glossy eggs safe. Vegetation is used to conceal the eggs while the parents pave the entrance of the nest with fish bones, scales, and insect remains. Some burrows are reused for another year.

The female Kingfishers can carry 3-6 eggs. When these have been laid, both parents incubate however the mom has night shift while the male is put on daddy duty during the day. The newly hatched Kingfishers are fed by both parents and become independent after 22- 26 days. Some of them have been observed to still provide for their youngsters even after they leave the nest. Parenthood at its best.

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