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Why Skip the Coast and Head to Inland Belize this 2018

When you don’t follow the crowds, discoveries are made

The coastal areas can be quite tempting but that’s not the only beauty you can find in Belize– the tropical forests are as good as it can be these days! As much as we LOVE our gorgeous coastal destinations—we encourage you to skip those common places and try something new while travelling the warm and sunny Central America.

inland belize

Heading to where everyone is, can be an easy way to plan a vacation but what about heading inland and ticking off numerous adventures off your bucket list? San Ignacio, Belize is packed with exhilarating journeys, history, calmness, warm atmosphere and moments beyond expectations. Here is why you should skip the usual places and book inland Belize!


Getting to San Ignacio is Easier than Ever! 

Travelling to Belize is becoming more hassle-free thanks to the many direct flights coming to our country and getting to San Ignacio is even easier! There are so many affordable transportation options to get you from Point A to Point B within the country but if you’re looking for the easy way out…our property offers transfers to your new home away from home.

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It is the Perfect Place for Adventure Junkies!

This piece of paradise has an array of activities to offer– forget diving! Imagine zip lining through tropical forests, enjoying unimaginable views. Or cave tubing through ancient caves where the Maya have more stories to tell than you can imagine. Also, the perfect way to get over the fear of heights has got to be by climbing to the top of a Maya Ruin.

inland belize

inland belize


San Ignacio, Belize Boasts Untouched Forests and Conservation Efforts!

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is proud to be home to the Green Iguana Conservation Project. This self-sustained project houses the endangered Green Iguana specie to incubate, hatch, rear and release them. We also offer Medicinal Tours on-site which gives tips on how the Maya used local plants for medicinal purposes. Another interactive project that you can find around town is the Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm, an exhibit that showcases the life cycles of the “Belizean Blue” or take a stroll by the Belize Botanical Garden. Most of Belize’s lush tropical forests are untouched and protected which gives them extra charm.

inland belize


It is Full of History!

A lot can be said by simply walking on the Hawkesworth Bridge. And it is not the only landmark found in San Ignacio, Belize. Take a cultural tour with us to learn more about what makes this town special. Plus, there’s long-standing Maya Ruins dotted along the area. You will be fascinated by what you can learn from these historical sites.

inland belize


Good Eating!

What will traveling be without the culinary experience? (We shouldn’t even ask that question, right?) Well, San Ignacio is very famous for its local food, fresh fruits and meats. Try Belize’s staples such as Salbutes, Fry Jacks, Johnny Cakes, and of course, Rice & Beans. Or indulge in local papaya, oranges, pitaya, bananas, you name it. How about a “farm to the table” experience? Then our Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant is a must as we feature grass fed beef from our own family’s ranch. Vegetarian or vegan? No worries, we’ve got you covered too, my friend.


inland belize


So where to go when venturing inland? No other than San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Our Belize luxury resort boasts 17 acres of lush tropical forest while also being five minutes away from downtown San Ignacio where you can enjoy the culture, people, and all things local! Saddle up for a place mingling luxury comfort and proximity to adventure!

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