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What the Experts are Saying About Belize Birding

“The more time spent studying the bird, not the book, while the bird is in view means more time absorbing important information about the bird.” – Dr. H. Lee Jones (Birds of Belize, 2003)


In the years that have passed since the publication of Jones’ definitive guide to Belize birding, Belize has become the birding hotspot for novice and master birders from around the world.  Powerful ethics around conservation and a comparatively small local population have helped preserve a vast network of tropical and pine forests, freshwater lagoons, and numerous cayes along the Belize barrier reef.  With a bird population approaching 600 species, it’s easy to see why Belize is an ideal choice for the pursuit of tropical birding.


belize birding festival


This October, we are hosting the second annual Belize Birding Festival.  From October 19-20, avid and casual fans of our feathered friends can look forward to two days of workshops, urban bird walks, panel discussions, and talks by Dr. John Fitzpatrick, Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Serge Arias, CEO and Founder of Birdwatching Central America and the author of Birds of Belize himself – Dr. H. Lee Jones.  As host and sponsor of the event, we’re also offering an early bird (yes, pun intended) flash sale offer on Regal, Garden and Balcony rooms.


“Belize is one of my favorite birding destinations in the whole world.” – Dr. John Fitzpatrick


belize birding festival


From a distance, the green and wooded hills of San Ignacio, Belize have always been a part of its charm.  San Ignacio Resort is perched above the main downtown area but provides fantastic vistas of bustling jungle life.  Here, we also offer a variety of Belize birding packages. Some can be done in as little as two hours.  Our largest Belize birding packages are filled with multi-day birding activities.  For example, the Best of Belize Birding Package is a five day guided tour of some of the best birding sites in the West.  Meanwhile, the Wings Over Belize Birding Package is spread across a period of 10 days and takes guests from Cayo to Gallon Jug, two of Belize’s best birding destinations.


You know the views are special…when you sit down for breakfast and spot binoculars on the table. Take that as your cue to enjoy epic birdwatching while enjoying your morning coffee and fry jacks” – Brittany Anas (Contributor, Forbes)


belize birding festival


We do realize that no two birders are alike.  First time and novice birders would do well with a little assistance.  Our Belizean birding guides are great to have on hand for first-time birders, many of whom can identify birds by sound alone.  We have a number of friendly and knowledgeable guides to help you get started.  However, if you’re looking to ease into birding in Belize, you are in luck. The resort is located along the banks of the Macal River; this along towering trees and a lush forest have created the perfect habitat for many birds.  Over the course of 3 years, we’ve counted over 119 species of birds.  And one of the best places to see them is over breakfast on the patio. Blue Tanagers, Trogon, Hummingbirds, and even Toucans, it’s wild just knowing that some of the best Belize birding can be done while enjoying a cup of coffee.


For more information about the upcoming Belize Birding Festival or to take advantage of our Early Bird Flash Sale offer and birding packages, please contact us today at or to find out more.

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