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Western Belize Cultural Tours

Belize, considered a melting pot of cultures, has an array of different traditions and customs that represent the beautiful diversity found within our Jewel. Visitors to the former British Honduras are swayed by this unique assortment and luckily for travelers of the Cayo District, our Belize luxury resort offers 3 educational, hands-on and fun-filled Belize cultural tours that will allow travellers to get a glimpse of some of Belize’s best.


San Antonio Maya Community Tour
Visit the Maya community of San Antonio Village in the Cayo District to learn the history of our ancestors. During the San Antonio Maya Community Tour, you can learn how to make delicious corn tortillas from scratch which is used to compliment several traditional plates such as “Caldo”, a delightful chicken soup for the soul. The fun’s not over until you partake in a pottery class where your finished artwork becomes your treasured keepsake as a reminder of your day.

Belize Cultural Tours

Belize cultural tours


Mennonite Community Tour with Birding
Birders will enjoy not only a day of spotting lagoon birds and tropical species during the Belize Mennonite Community Tour in Spanish Lookout but they will also enjoy an informative excursion of this farming society. Witness how the progressive Mennonites live, work, and specialize as the major producers of dairy and poultry products in Belize. This community is a major contributor to the Belize farming and agriculture industry so it’s definitely an intriguing adventure! Although this community is known for being the progressive Amish community, you may also find some of the traditional Mennonites travelling on their horse & cart.


Mennonite Community with birding tour


San Ignacio Town Tour
Enjoy a fun-filled day touring some of our favourite spots around our hometown and learning a myriad of historical facts about the place we call home sweet home, the Resort, and the landmarks found within San Ignacio—including the famous and only suspension bridge in Belize, Hawkesworth Bridge. While on the San Ignacio Town Tour, you can also indulge on some Belizean cuisine at the San Ignacio Market or a local restaurant frequented by the residents; finish it off with a taste of legitimate chocolate made the traditional Maya way at AJAW Chocolates & Crafts.

Hawkesworth bridge

Belize chocolate making tour

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