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Top Travel Trends for 2020

What a time to be alive! With a new year and a new decade here, it is important to look forward to the adventures we want to have – and those that have gotten the attention of the global travel scenario. What are the key differentiators for brands and where is it going this 2020? We have compiled our favourite Top Travel Trends for 2020 and how you can make the most of these with San Ignacio Resort Hotel and Belize!


1. An Off-Track Adventure

“Unique, inspiring, challenging adventures are tipping the scales, with travellers 
opting for trips that’ll give them bragging rights.”


For 2020, Intrepid Travel, one of the world’s largest small group travel companies, shared that explorers want experience challenging adventures that get them out of their comfort zone (Intrepid Travel). Adventures that not only defy them, but also, one that will make a perfect story to tell friends and family. What better way to brag at your next get-together than sharing about hiking ancient Maya mountains, visiting a cave that has the crystalized skeleton of human sacrifice, or bathing at a natural waterfall with not a soul in sight?


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2. Coupling 

“The focus on varied experiences that 
enrich the trip with each stop.”


The trend of multi-destination travelling is becoming more and more popular – and why wouldn’t it? Today, making as many stops in different scenarios and locations, even on a short timeframe, has become paramount! Imagine yourself ziplining through the canopies of the jungle, kayaking through ancient caves, and diving into the largest barrier reef of the Western Hemisphere while venturing in Belize.


If different scenarios are not enough – how about different countries? Our first slogan for SIRH was “getaway to Tikal” and up to this day, our tour operations continue to be a proud escape to adventures in neighboring Guatemala and Belize.

Source: Forbes


travel trends 2020 2020 travel trends 

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3. Under-Tourism is the New Cool

“Come here, they say, because we're not as crowded as the neighbors.
Visit us, and you won't have to queue for your Instagram likes.”
– National Geographic


With today’s social media reach and its reliance for finding travel inspiration, it may seem difficult to find spots that are not overwhelmingly popular and overcrowded by tourists. Let alone, one where you can take a decent photo of the landscape without the masses in the background.


Today, travel companies are “pioneering new trips to obscure destinations” (The New York Times). Although under-tourism is not a movement trying to discourage visiting world-renowned destinations altogether – it is inspiring people to consider less popular destinations and spread the love throughout a country. How does this ultimately affect the region you’re visiting? You lessen the impact on the native local communities and its natural resources while engaging in more authentic activities all the same. Win-win.


San Ignacio Resort Hotel has found a way around it with its tour company, Cayo Gial Tours, and ensures that all tours are personalized and kept at a maximum of 8 people per tour – that way, guests are able to skip the crowds but also enjoy a customized experience.  How can you beat visiting a 1000+ old historical and cultural monument and being the only person there?


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4. It’s a Foodie’s Paradise

“Those places which have long been favourites
amongst the locals and offer sought-after homegrown flavours –
are the ones most likely to tickle the tastebuds of travelers looking for 
local gastronomic experiences”


After the big 2010 movie starring Julia Roberts, people became inspired to have an “Eat. Pray. Love” experience during their travels. After all, food does make the heart grow fonder. Even though foodie travel has been a trend for a few years now, culinary ambitions will be at the forefront of decision-making for this 2020 (


Belize has an amazing array of cultures within such a tiny nation including Garifuna, Creole, Maya, Salvadorian, Mennonite, Chinese, Lebanese, Indian, and others – making it a perfect location for food lovers. The nation also offers upscale dining experiences for those who want to have a fancy night out such as our award-wining Running W Restaurant featuring Executive Chef Enrique Awe. With a 100%, scratch kitchen, the Running W Restaurant is influenced by international cooking techniques and uses local ingredients and flavours to create a fine dining experience.


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5. Wildlife Encounters

“These once-in-a-lifetime itineraries . . .  showcase the world’s most
varied natural ecosystems and species”


Animal watching is not only exciting for nature lovers but also for those who unexpectedly have an impromptu wildlife encounter at some point throughout their travels. But what has given more value to animal-related travel is “doing it safely and in small group situations led by knowledgeable guides” (Popsugar. Living). With the increase of global warming effects on nature (and the species who live there), travelers have become more conscious and are looking for ways of educating themselves and supporting organizations focused on conservation and awareness. Gone are the days of elephant riding, dolphin swims (or, at least reduced to an extent), tiger sanctuaries and lion cub-petting, animal circuses, and many other unethical practices and tourist traps.


Being a young country, Belize has gained international recognition for its massive efforts to protect its natural resources and wildlife. Take for instance, the Belize Zoo which showcases animals that are unable to go back into the wild due to a medical condition and are undergoing rehabilitation. The Green Iguana Conservation Project, the No. 1 Activity in San Ignacio, is another program whose mission aims to conserve and look after the Green Iguana specie with the ultimate goal of releasing it back into the wild. Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve, Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, and even protected areas such as Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and Chiquibul are some great additions to an ethical itinerary.


green iguana conservation


6. ‘Grand’ Getaways

“These trips represent an opportunity to forge a closer bond despite
the generational distance, instill values, share special moments”
-Hospitality Net


Multigenerational and skip-trend is surely picking up its pace this year. This travel experience allows grandparents and their clans to escape ordinary life and immerse themselves unto an adventurous and memorable journey. It certainly values quality time, specially with the grandkids, over anything else.


This trend is a great opportunity for tour companies and hoteliers to promote their soft adventures and relaxation activities to cater to the multiple age groups. That’s why San Ignacio Resort Hotel and Belize overall is a great candidate for this family-seeking travel. Offering personalized and soft activities such as Maya temples, canoeing, cave tubing, ziplining, cultural cooking tours, and sightseeing make for a family chapter. After all the adventure, sit back and get an in-room treatment while the children plunge in the pool.


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