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The Green Iguanas Miss You


The Green Iguana Conservation Project was started to conserve and look after green iguanas by educating the public about them in their ecosystem.  The resources for this work are provided by the many people who pay to enjoy this interactive exhibit.  So when COVID-19 hit, we were concerned about the project and the Green Iguanas.  Fortunately, although the last several months have been tough, there are good things happening at the project as we reopen. An example of this is recounted by Luis, our Grounds Department Manager:


“On the 4th of June 2020, as a typical day working at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, I got a call that a family was looking for me. The surprise they brought to the Project left me without words. This family brought a donation…of 28 baby iguanas. I was so excited that I took them to visit our Green Iguana Conservation Project. As we got to the iguanas, I gave them some info about the Project and gave them the chance to go into our enclosure. The other surprise I had just made my tears drop. I was without words to see how our iguanas just rushed to them since the iguanas haven't had visits from humans for over two months that just told me a lot. I knew then that the info was going to be part of my tours.”


So is it possible to visit the Project now and, if so, what can you see?  Again, Luis gives us an idea of some of the unique things the Project can offer for those who love these animals.


“Recently, as part of my daily routine, I walked into our greenhouse where I had another surprise. I saw ten baby iguanas jumping all over. I managed to catch all of them and added them to the 28 babies we already had…  At the moment, we also have about 50 eggs in the incubation process, so we are praying to have over 50 babies this year.”


In short, there is plenty to see and enjoy at the Green Iguana Conservation Project now.  We have four tours daily. Please contact us if you would like information about visiting the GICP – the iguanas will be happy to see you!


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