Belize Travel Notice – Health & Safety
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Spend Thanksgiving 2023 At This Elegant Belize Resort
Spend Thanksgiving 2023 At This Elegant Belize Resort

According to National Geographic magazine journalist Emily Martin, the tale every U.S. schoolchild is told about the feast celebrated after Pilgrims arrived on the continent in 1621 isn't exactly rosy. True, hospitable sharing of massive amounts of food between settlers and Native

San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Discover Belize beyond its beaches

Picture a paradise bordered by the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea on one side and dense, verdant rainforest on the other. Now, if your mind automatically ventures

13 Reasons To Visit Belize’s Cayo District This Summer

There’s a reason Belize’s Cayo District is called “the breadbasket of the Caribbean.” It's home to thriving citrus, beans, corn, plantain, banana, veggie, and papaya farms plus tilapia, and dairy industries. Cayo not only helps feed Belize but exports contribute mightily to the economy.