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Spend Thanksgiving 2023 At This Elegant Belize Resort

Spend Thanksgiving 2022 At This Elegant Belize Resort

According to National Geographic magazine journalist Emily Martin, the tale every U.S. schoolchild is told about the feast celebrated after Pilgrims arrived on the continent in 1621 isn’t exactly rosy. True, hospitable sharing of massive amounts of food between settlers and Native Americans did take place, but some of the supplies used to prepare this meal were goods stolen from tribal storehouses!

Over the years, this year-end holiday has been romanticized to exclude negative details, turning it into a picture postcard affair worthy of Norman Rockwell’s brush. From tantalizing foods to the gathering of kin, every third Thursday in November became a must-attend holiday for family members. This changed during COVID when vacationing in the Caribbean where vacationers could trade hot kitchens for less labor and sunshine launching a trend that continues to this day.

Spend Thanksgiving 2022 At This Elegant Belize Resort

Give thanks for this elegant holiday destination

At The San Ignacio Resort Hotel, myriad holiday preparations paying homage to Thanksgiving are already in the works, so 2023 is likely to be a fabulous experience for guests eager to leave food prep to skilled chefs at the resort’s restaurant while they explore the unique environs of this posh resort.

Guests waiting for the dinner hour can indulge in onsite birdwatching, the tennis court and swimming pool, visit the Green Iguana Project (Belize’s #1 attraction), or partake of unique, rituals borrowed from ancient Mayas who once called this part of Central America home. By the time you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll give thanks you didn’t stay home!

Spend Thanksgiving 2022 At This Elegant Belize Resort

Time to discover more of Belize’s natural wonders

Because you were wise enough to book a Belize vacation package that best suits your interests and curiosity from an engaging, The San Ignacio Resort Hotel remains your home base throughout your stay. Staff sees transport for the tours you’ve selected, meals will be ready when you return from your adventures, accommodations are beautifully appointed and whether you stay for a long weekend or make it a lengthy visit, expect surprises galore each day.

Spend Thanksgiving 2022 At This Elegant Belize Resort

Best of all, you’ll be residing within the walls of an elegant property where staff members still follow protocols that originated when this magnificent property was home to members of the Belize elite, so despite the lush jungle environment, you will get a better understanding of the way royalty vacations during your stay. Need more incentive to make this your 2023 Thanksgiving destination? May we suggest a tour of the property environs? Browse the resort’s photo galleries for a taste of what awaits if you decide to trade cold weather for sunny Belize this November.

Here’s a delightful year-end treat for you: When you book your San Ignacio Resort Hotel Thanksgiving stay directly between now and November 30th, you’ll get access to the best rates available. If you’ve been contemplating a southern escape, this might just be the perfect incentive to enjoy your turkey and all the trimmings in paradise!

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