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One-Day Itinerary to Tikal Maya Site

Tiak’al in Maya, meaning “in the lagoon” is also known as “the place of spirit voices.”


The magnificent Tikal is the largest Maya archeological site found in Central America and falls under the top 6 Worldwide U.N.E.S.C.O Heritage Sites. You will be signing up for some great hiking considered of moderate intensity which makes it possible for almost anyone to enjoy. The tour includes 4 of the largest temples with wooden stairs that offer spectacular views of the dense tropical jungles and wildlife in the Petén region of our neighbor country, Guatemala.


For a hassle-free adventure, here’s our one-day itinerary when taking on the quest through our in-house tour company, Cayo Gial Tours!


Timeline: Approximately 10 hours (7:00am to 5:30pm)


6:00AM | Breakfast:  Gear up for your adventure. Start your morning with an early breakfast at the Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant while enjoying the sounds and sights of our resident birds. If you want to have extra time in bed, we understand. Make sure to pre-order your breakfast the night before so our team can have it ready to-go.

sirh breakfast
Photo courtesy of Rani Cheema

7:00 AM | Let’s Get Going: While everything is taken care of on our end, don’t forget your passport—a friendly reminder never hurts. Other items you are highly recommended to bring along are bug spray, binoculars, hiking shoes, extra water, sun block, spare cash (for souvenir shopping) and of course, a camera.


You are now ready to hit the road; a designated driver will take you on a 20-minute ride to the Belize-Guatemala border.


7:20 AM | Border Crossing: Our experienced guide will take you through customs and immigrations at the Belize and Guatemala posts. This will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes while our guide ensures all fees and paperwork are well taken care of.


7:40 AM | Once in Guatemala: Shortly thereafter, you will switch to another vehicle along with our guide.


The drive will take approximately 90 minutes including a 20-minute stop at a local and souvenir shop. You can enjoy some hot coffee and delicious cookies while looking at souvenirs. This joint also offers a 3D version of Tikal where you can take a look at all the temples found therein. Here, our guide will provide you with briefing about the site and some of the temples you will be seeing throughout the day.


The drive to Tikal is filled with stunning views of mountains and the lake Petén Itzá. You will also get to see the local lifestyle of the villages as women do their tortillas and kids head on their way to school. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


tikal day trip
Photography by @agatatarczynska

9:30 AM | Tour: The time has now come to explore! Your chaperon will give you a historical rundown about Tikal’s history and importance while sharing interesting facts about its ancient people and areas.


You take the opportunity to capture beautiful pictures of your surroundings as you come across some magnificent sites including complexes, temples and plazas. One of visitors’ favourites is the Jaguar Temple, which is the tallest infrastructure in Tikal, and Mesoamerica, measuring 64.6 meters high— you can bet the view is absolutely amazing!

tikal day trip

1:30 PM | Lunch: After all that climbing, hiking and learning, you must be hungry! You will be driven back to the local restaurant and a very delicious plate of food will be waiting for you. Well-deserved after an incredible day of adventure!


3:00 PM Heading Back: Take a little 5-minute break to check out the souvenir shop and do some last minute shopping. You can also find some vibrant decorations around that you can place at your home. And finally, you’re off to our beautiful Belize again.

tikal day trip

Just like before, our guide will ensure your transactions at the border go smoothly so that you can arrive to the Resort and unwind on your memorable experience… and get that rest you were very much looking forward to!


Disclaimer: Kindly note that the times shown in this blog are subject to change

Encouraged to take on this adventure? Book with us to find out more details. Happy exploring!


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