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Christmas in the Twin Town

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and what better way to spend your Christmas than in the beautiful Twin Towns of San Ignacio & Santa Elena. To help you plan your Christmas getaway, we have compiled a list of seven activities that are sure to bring a lot more adventure and happiness to your holiday travel.

1. The Twin Town’s Christmas Tree

Every year the town council sets up the twin town’s Christmas tree at the Welcome Center in downtown San Ignacio where you can be sure to see many families posing for pictures. What better way to commemorate your Christmas vacay with a family picture in the town square? During the Christmas season, it is quite common to have some type of entertainment to be going on in the town square; so hang out with the locals, get a drink and enjoy the show.


Cayo Welcome Center


2. Adventures on the Horizon 

What better way to remember Christmas in Belize than with an epic adventure to jive about to your friends? Take the plunge down the Black Hole or check out the crystalized remains of human sacrifice. Not your typical Christmas activities—but fun nonetheless!


3. When in Belize Do as Belizeans Do

It is very common for Christmas to be a quiet day around town that is because many Belizeans get together with their families. Have a lazy day in and enjoy the amenities the San Ignacio Resort Hotel offers. How does bed in breakfast, a dip in the pool or a trip to spa sound?



4. Time to eat 

Throughout the whole month, you will find local goodies around town such as tamales, atol de elote (corn porridge), Belizean rumpopo (eggnog), and the traditional black and white fruitcake. If you’re looking for a more upscale experience, then visit the Running W Restaurant this holiday season for an array of dinner specials prepared by Executive Chef Enrique Awe and the RWR team that are sure to satisfy the foodie at heart.

5. Hayman at the Running W Brand Meats

San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s family ranch sure gets creative during the holiday season. Stop by Mile 63 George Price Highway and snap a few pictures with Running W’s giant Christmas themed hay figure. We do not have snow here in Belize so they get an A+ for improvising and creativity.


Photo courtesy of Running W Brand Meats, Belize

6. Let’s Light up the Sky 

Christmas Eve and Christmas in Belize is synonymous with fireworks and firecrackers. It is quite common to find children and adults of all ages partaking in the activity. Be sure to get a front row seat somewhere near the Macal River and enjoy the show. Last year, the display lasted more than 30 minutes! Woohoo!



7. Horse Race at the Peter August Stadium

Every year on Boxing Day, the Christmas festivities continue with cheering and a little bit of drinking. Many locals head to the Peter August Stadium in Santa Elena to cheer for the fastest and most experienced horse and jockeys as they participate in different categories including barrels, racing, and pole bending. If you are seeking a fun filled day at the track, this is definitely your spot!



8. It is Party Time! 

It’s out with the old and in with the new. The town of San Ignacio is the place to go.  You can enjoy the festivities on Burn’s avenue with local DJs, drinks, food, and dance contests for a night of full entertainment or, take it up a notch and dance the night away at one of the many local clubs.


Whatever you decide to do for your Christmas vacation, we hope that you have yourself a very merry Christmas!

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