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Cayo, Belize Ranked as One of the Top Birding Destinations Around the World

Bringing birding back!

“The stereotypical demographic of birders was always decidedly older, possibly retired, but we somewhat-youngsters are breaking that mold.”

Birding has always been a popular activity—but legend has always believed that birding is sought-after only by the older folks and retirees since the younger crowds find this activity to be tedious and slow. But legends always change. According to Matador Network, millennials have realized that birding can be VERY interesting and adventurous—and we can thank this change to the increased awareness of conservation and education efforts about our aerial friends.

Whether you enjoy birding as meditation, to socialize, or as a romantic getaway with your loved one, Matador Network says Cayo, Belize “is really into its birds… Professional birding guides in Belize are typically young, adventurous, and extremely enthusiastic about birds, making for a relatively high energy bird-watching experience (at least in the context of being quiet enough to not scare away animals).” 

The internationally known and appreciated Belize Bird Conservancy also works in making Belize a major attraction for birding aficionados who can get a chance to get a glimpse to almost 600 specie!


The San Ignacio Resort Hotel can be your home away from home for your birding quests. With 112 different bird species within our 17-acre private estate and our enthusiastic (young) guide, we can offer you Belize birding packages and Belize birding tours. You can also enjoy spotting our sky residents while having a delicious breakfast at our Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant’s balcony which has been dubbed as a “dining with the birds” experience. Keel-billed Toucans, Aracari Toucans, Trogons, Blue-Gray Tanagers and White-Bellied Hummingbirds are just a few that you can spot with us.

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