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Discover the Thrills of Cave Tubing: The Must-Do Adventure on Your Belize Vacation

Cave Tubing in Belize

There is no shortage of fun activities available to Belize visitors, but some are so daring, that you can’t take the kids! Zip lining over jungle canopies makes for heart-stopping excitement as does repelling down waterfalls or being lowered by rope into deep caves, but let’s say you’re a typical tourist and would prefer to see your Maya architecture above ground and you’re delighted to stare at breathtaking waterfalls from the ground.

Further, you may be planning a family vacation, reunion, or group trip to Belize and you’d love a fun activity that caters to all types of adventurers. The choice is clear. It’s cave tubing. Every member of your party will love this experience, including grandma, and every one of them will thank you for suggesting this outing. 

Before you can tube, you’ll need to unpack

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel, nestled into a lush jungle, is no typical resort, as evidenced by eclectic onsite activities you won’t find elsewhere: A tea-tasting medicinal tour, nocturnal Critters of the Night prowl, onsite bird watching, The Green Iguana Project, and so much more.

Allow us to add one more important reason to choose the San Ignacio Resort Hotel: dining is exquisite. From brilliant chefs to meats grown on the ranch of the resort’s owners and impeccable service, there’s a very good chance you’ll rank dining at the Running W Restaurant up there with the amazing cave tubing adventure for which you’ve come! 

belize cave tubing adventures

About your cave tubing excursion

Tuck water shoes, a swimsuit, bug spray, a change of clothing, and your camera into your backpack so you’re well provisioned for your outing. You will be transported to the area and follow a jungle nature trail to the riverbank and the mouth of Xibalba cave (that’s Mayan for Underworld). Yes, the name is formidable, but no need to fear the dark because you’ll be issued a headlamp to illuminate your way through this magical world.

Be prepared to take in one natural wonder after another as you float through ancient chambers buoyed by your comfy tube. You’ll wish the experience could last forever because it’s the perfect mix of relaxation and wonderment. If this tour happens to be part of the Belize vacation package you plucked from the resort’s menu, there’s no additional charge, but if not, visit the San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s in-house tour desk to make arrangements. 

Explore the area to complete your idyllic vacation

Once you’ve had your fill of fun on your cave tubing expedition, you’ll be happy to hit the sheets within any of the resort’s gorgeous lodging options so you’re primed for more adventures. Take advantage of San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s proximity to town to see the Farmer’s Market, cultural spots, shops, pubs, and casino. If you’ve yet to visit the Green Iguana Project, it’s the perfect way to conclude your getaway since there’s nothing risky about interacting with these amazing critters either!

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