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San Ignacio Town’s Farmer’s Market: Belize’s Most Impressive Marketplace

San Ignacio Market TourFor a relatively small nation, Belize is filled with delights for tourists who can’t get enough of Mayan ruins, caves, animal sanctuaries plus access to every water sport under the sun. Belize is the quintessential vacation paradise because everywhere visitors look, there’s something unique to experience in a land where English is spoken extensively.

Among the areas of Belize that attract travel writers and repeat visitors most is San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District. Some call this town the epicenter of ecotourism. Among the jewels in San Ignacio’s crown is its’ remarkable farmer’s market. This site is more than just a place to pick up bananas. It’s a destination unto itself.

San Ignacio Farmer's Market

A bountiful gathering

Put to rest your vision of a market offering a handful of stalls filled with a modicum of locally grown produce. The San Ignacio Farmer’s Market is a wonderland. Merchandise for sale represents all Belize cultures: Creoles, Maya, Mestizo, Mennonites and more, and from the moment shoppers arrive, they’re impressed by this massive, vibrant epicenter of commerce filled with color and happy chatter between buyers and sellers.

Situated on the banks of the Macal River, the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market is awash in eclectic finds. In addition to produce, find herbal remedies, art, jewelry, crafts, handmade condiments, tropical plants, clothing, souvenirs, and dairy products brought to market by Mennonites who produce the tastiest cheese in Belize. The market is so expansive, that it shares space with the town’s shops, pubs, and eateries. You’ll spend more time there than you imagine, so don’t schedule that jungle tour on the day you visit!

Belize San Ignacio Tours

A jungle exploration tour? 

For tourists who are fascinated by everything Belize has to offer but aren’t as keen about spending the entirety of their stay exploring the nation’s Caribbean coastline, San Ignacio Town is your key to paradise if you’re a guest of the award-winning San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This former private estate still hosts visits from British royals and guests are welcomed like royalty, too.

That jungle trek won’t require you to go far. This sumptuous lodging is snuggled into a jungle and the resort’s grounds are a continuation of ecological splendor, including these exotic onsite tours:

  • Expansive herbal gardens where tea-tasting medicinal tours enthrall guests,
  • A Critters of the Night tour introduces guests to nocturnal wildlife roaming resort grounds, and
  • The Green Iguana Conservation Project is an installation showcasing these fascinating creatures. It’s San Ignacio’s #1 tourist attraction!

Sound fascinating? Every aspect of your San Ignacio-based Belize vacation will satisfy your curiosity while offering you an opportunity to sojourn at this unique property. Come for the nation’s largest, most amazing farmer’s market. Stay to find out why San Ignacio is an ecological mecca. Sojourn at a lush property offering unique amenities, superior dining, and accommodations fit for a celebrity. In the eyes of San Ignacio Resort Hotel staffers, that’s exactly what you are!

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