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7 Reasons To Visit Belize With Your Family: Adventure, Culture, Food, And More

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One of the best ways to double your child’s capacity for learning and understanding is to take him or her abroad. Scientists say that there is no substitute for experiences a child enjoys when taken overseas and exposed to other cultures and as an added benefit, moms and dads get closer to their children once everyone is away from the demands and devices that keep families from spending quality time together.

You could spend a fortune and fly the family to Europe, but that doesn’t make much sense these days when Covid variants remain a threat on the continent. For that reason and more, parents are turning to Western Hemisphere escapes that are family-friendly. Since everyone in Belize speaks English and the flight south isn’t long enough to cause kids to max out on patience, you couldn’t pick a better destination.

Oh, the adventures they’ll have (and so will mom and dad)
1. Belize’s topography is covered with jungle and filled with ancient Maya ruins so kids discover lots about everything from botany to history during a Belize vacation where everywhere they turn, there’s something to learn.

2. Children can get up close and personal with free-roaming wildlife. From Howler monkeys (kids can howl back) to endangered manatees and the world’s only jaguar reserve, there is no better animal kingdom in Central America!

3. Parents of picky eaters discover the “other side” of budding gourmands when kids sample foods they haven’t tried before. Tell them that Belize is an epicenter of chocolate growing and candy making and you’ll get buy-in.

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4. Friendly people? No nation is friendlier, nor more kid-centric. Don’t be surprised if your kids warm up to people they meet fast.

5. There is an amazing array of water sports for kids in Belize. Whether your youngster is old enough to canoe, kayak, scuba dive, and snorkel – or just old enough to float into a cave on an oversized tube or splash in a resort swimming pool – you’re wise to bring lots of kid-friendly sunscreens.

6. Children love beaches and the Belize coastline stretches 174 miles along the Caribbean Sea, but the nation’s beaches aren’t limited to oceanfront property; introduce them to inlets, lagoons, and deserted atolls, all ideal for family picnics.

7. Stay where you play! Nothing compares to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This resort hotel is home to The Iguana Project, thus you and the kids get access to this exhibit throughout your stay.

More about the family-friendly San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Belize Family Travel

Convenient, elegant and home to Belize vacation packages parents adore because all arrangements have been pre-made and pre-paid, parents can tailor their stays to their child’s ages. Meals, tours, amenities and more are taken care of once you choose your favorite package and you won’t find a safer, friendlier place to stay in Belize.

A better idea? Come by yourself, Mom and Dad, and leave the kids with Grandma if you could do with an adults-only getaway. Chances are you two could use a romantic escape after coming through the Covid pandemic and this short video will give you a taste of what both a child-free and family stay looks like, no matter which decision you make.

If that’s not enough to inspire you to book right now, how about vacation specials currently on the resort menu that are available until November 21, 2022?

Belize Family Packages

But keep this in mind: There are only 27 accommodations within this 17-acre private estate that gets rave reviews from international travel authorities based on guest reviews. Waiting too long could leave you and your family members disappointed (and that includes Grandma if you decide to leave the kids at home!).

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