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Belize – Your Next Caribbean Vacation Destination

When planning a vacation getaway, most people look for warm tropical weather, sun, white sand and sea. Many incredible destinations come to mind. But how about Belize? The little Jewel is often under the radar on this search; however, this destination not only offers incredible cayes but also pristine tropical rainforest, among many incomparable attractions found only within this little nation; not to mention the uncrowded destinations.

Belize Rainforest

san ignacio town

Belize is renowned for its lush tropical rainforest, rich history and melting pot of cultures as well as its unparalleled variety of inland adventures. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel, situated in one of the top tourist destinations of the Cayo District, offers the ONLY jungle in town! Located on a 17-acre private estate and within walking distance from San Ignacio Town, makes it the ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. This family-owned boutique Resort offers luxury accommodations, convenient packages and exciting tours. Explore the ancient Maya ruins and mysterious underground caves that feature the famous ATM Cave. Experience the melting pot of Belize with cultural tours. Learn about the Green Iguana specie at the Green Iguana Conservation Project. Or, get a hands-on educational walk with the Medicinal Tour located on-site.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel

belize adventure tours

After a day filled of adventure and entertainment you can unwind and relax in the comfortable luxury accommodations. Featuring 26 luxury rooms and suites with breathtaking views of the hillside, garden and of course, the lush rainforest that surrounds. The premium suites feature spacious rooms with private hot tubs, and balconies overlooking the pool and surrounding rainforest.

belize luxury accommodations

So…still thinking Caribbean? All this and more can be found in the little jewel of Belize. Plus side? It is easily accessible from many places across the globe, with daily flights from several US destinations and Canada. 



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