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Belize Bird Watching at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Belize’s subtropical climate and location makes it a haven for many species of birds. Some of them are residents and others are merely passing through all year round to grace us with their presence. If you are a seasoned bird watcher or you simply love gazing out into nature to see what catches your eye, you will find lots to see!

Belize Birding Tours setting up cameras

At San Ignacio Resort Hotel, you can sit in various locations and spot them in the canopy around you. You’ll also be fortunate enough to see a myriad of birds that come to greet our guests and sing a welcome tune! The Resort offers amazing tours like the Best of Belize Birding Package and our newly introduced Wings Over Belize Birding Package the ultimate 10-day cross-country adventure for avid birders. 

Belize Birding Tour looking for birds

Guests on the Belize Birding Tour

With sightings such as the Blue-Crowned Motmot, the Golden Fronted Woodpeckers, and the Black Headed Trogon among many others… Belize is an exceptional experience for birding enthusiasts! 

So stop by the Bird Fair in London August 15, 2014 – August 17, 2014 and learn about the Amazing Birds of Belize at Marquee 4: Booth 77.

Belize Birding Tour spots the blue grey tanager

Blue Grey Tanager

San Ignacio Resort Hotel shows the Yellow Throated Warbler

Yellow- Throated Warbler

Belize Birding Tours and the Keel Billed Toucan

Keel-billed Toucan

Belize Birding Tours high lights the Yellow Throated Euphonia

Yellow-Throated Euphonia

See the Golden Footed Woodpeckers at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Golden Footed Woodpeckers

Hummingbird nesting at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Humming Bird nesting

Belize Birding Tours see the Aracari Bird


Belize Birding Tours spots a hummingbird

Humming Bird

Belize Birding Tour photgraphs a Black Headed Trogon

Black Headed Trogon

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