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Why You Should Consider Belize for Your Next Family Vacation

belize family vacations

Belize has become a popular vacation destination, and it’s an ideal place for a family-friendly getaway. Your kids will appreciate all the wonders of nature, including waterfall swims, jungle adventures, and cuddly wildlife. In addition, Belize is full of endless adventures set against the most beautiful scenery you’ll find anywhere.

Explore San Ignacio and the Cayo District

Instead of hitting the beach, explore the adventures of Belize’s Cayo District. Most Belizeans agree that “Cayo” is the most scenic district in Belize. It’s full of verdant jungles, cascading waterfalls, pine forests, and stretches of farmlands. The district town of San Ignacio is a bustling, colorful destination that’s the center of Belize’s eco-tourism industry.

Meet Some Baby Iguanas

The Green Iguana Project is a conservation and breeding program dedicated to the rare green iguanas that are native to Belize. The project provides a place for baby iguanas to hatch and grow in safety so they can be returned to the wild. Visitors can learn about iguanas while getting the chance to hold and pet these funny, friendly reptiles.

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Go Cave Tubing

Take the family on an adventure you can only have in Belize. Cave tubing involves a long, lazy ride on an inner tube down a meandering river. On the tour, you pass through a network of sacred caves once used as ceremonial sites by the ancient Maya. It’s an opportunity to learn while enjoying the beauty of Belize.

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Travel Back in Time

Belize was a center of the great Maya Empire, and Maya ruins dot the country. Some of the most impressive and well-preserved ruins are at Cahal Pech in San Ignacio. These ruins give you the chance to travel back in time. Visit the homes, temples, ballparks, and a great central plaza. Cahal Pech Maya Ruins are a few minutes drive from San Ignacio.

Get Wild at Mountain Pine Ridge

The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Preserve is a national park where you’ll find walking trails of all levels. The amazing waterfalls within the reserve like Rio on Pools and Big Rock offer the ideal places to stop and cool off while you’re hiking. If you’re feeling adventurous with the kids, sign up for a tour of Caracol which is located a few miles away from this national park.

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Choose a Belize Family-Friendly Resort

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is the perfect family-friendly resort to stay in San Ignacio Town. The generous rooms, sparkling swimming pool, and beautifully maintained grounds make a relaxing backdrop for all your Belize adventures. In addition, the resort's tour experts can create itineraries the whole family will enjoy.


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