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Why Belize Is The Best Bet For 2022

Belize vacation A New year brings with it the opportunity to try new things, and 2022 is the year that you should introduce yourself to Belize. Belize offers the best of both Central America and the Caribbean in one compact nation, and it’s more in reach than you might realize. No matter where your interests lie, you’ll find plenty to intrigue you in Belize. Here’s what you can look forward to. A Land of Culture Belize Cultures Belize once served as a critical hub for the ancient Maya Empire, and that’s reflected in the over 600 remaining sites (and counting) scattered throughout the country. These cultural touchstones are more abundant in the Cayo District, which served as a major trading hub for the empire and continues to be a cultural melting pot. The town of San Ignacio is largely regarded as the gateway to the Cayo District, making it the perfect place to plan your communions with the past but also the ideal spot for getting to know what life is like in Belize today. With a population that includes Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese and even Mennonite communities, the culture of Belize is a lot more varied than cliches about the Caribbean might lead you to believe. A Land of Adventure Belize Adventures The major rivers cutting through the Belizean countryside have always been the primary pipeline for both commerce and migration, but they also help nurture the earth and provide the lush and tropical rainforest ecosystem that covers much of Belize today. This is a country that’s long been conscientious about its ecosystem, and that means that there’s a seemingly endless frontier to explore. Whether you want to listen to the howling primates as you lazily cruise down the Macal River, feel the wind on your face as you zip line over jungle canopies, or venture into the dark and imposing ATM Cave, there’s an adventure in Belize that’s right up to your speed. A Land of Relaxation belize all inclusive resort Just because there’s a lot to do in Belize doesn’t mean that you need to do anything at all. Plenty of people come to Belize simply to kick back and relax, and the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is one of the country’s best places to do just that. This boutique hotel has played host to Queen Elizabeth herself and offers everything you could want right on site. And with discounts running throughout the year, you definitely have something worth celebrating.

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