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Is Adventure Travel on Your Radar? Find Plenty in Belize!

belize-adventure-travel Ever wonder where you rank on a typical adventurer scale? A 10-question quiz posted on the website can help you figure that out.

For real-life adventurer Paula Reid, no quiz is necessary. She’s always ready to grab a bag and pursue the next adventure, in part due to wise advice she’s happy to share: 1. Review your calendar at year’s end. Ask yourself: Did I get my fill of adventures? 2. Have you made a bucket list? Is it yours or are you following someone else’s path? 3. Do you usually acquire new friends each time you go off on a new adventure? 4. Do you journal so you don’t forget about adventure opportunities you hear about? 5. Have you realized that adventures have improved your attitude about everything? 6. Did you take small steps first to ease into adventures rather than taking risks? 7. Do you budget for adventures so when opportunities to vacation arise, you’re ready?

A great place to start: Belize

belize-adventure-resort-packages No matter where you happen to be on your personal adventure growth scale, you’ll find more than enough excitement in Belize where vacationing is literally and figuratively a breeze thanks to awesome year-round weather. Belize is small, navigable, just a few hours from home by plane and since everyone speaks English, no language barriers exist. belize-adventure-package Because Belize is an epicenter of laid-back adventure, you don’t have to say no to posh accommodations during your stay, and few properties are likely to give you more pleasure than the San Ignacio Belize Resort Hotel where accommodations are impeccable and proximity to nearby San Ignacio Town adds charm and excitement to guest experiences.

No bucket list required; just show up!

belize-adventure-vacation Nicknamed “the only jungle in town,” this former private estate – situated amid 17-acres of lush jungle – makes an ideal headquarters for an adventure getaway because guests are given access to a long list of adventures available on the property’s tour menu, courtesy of the San Ignacio Belize Resort Hotel’s own in-house travel agency. Tours include Maya temples, cave tubing, jungle hikes, zip lining and cultural fun. Guests are invited to mix and match adventures to suit their time and interest constraints and onsite adventures are equally amazing. Take a medicinal tea-tasting tour on estate grounds, bird watch, take in the Green Iguana Conservation Project, and dare to say yes to the Critters of the Night tour where spotting nocturnal Belize wildlife never disappoints!

Save money, too

belize-adventure-resort You may be eligible for discounts on your stay if you take advantage of specials offered by the resort hotel. Details can be found on the Belize Vacation Specials page and also on the Book Early and Save More page. While you’re visiting the website, take a virtual tour, check out package rates, visit the Running W Restaurant page to see this charming al fresco restaurant, and get “a taste” of menu items prepared by world-class chefs to order. Better yet, visit the resort’s gallery to see for yourself why every moment spent at this tropical haven is an awesome adventure!

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