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Unknown Belize: An Epic Documentary Unearthing Belize’s Exquisite Natural Scenery


As the hustle and bustle of modern life continues to escalate, there’s a serene and tranquil destination quietly beckoning the discerning traveler. Belize, Central America’s only English-speaking country, is a paradise for adventurers, wildlife lovers, and sustainable travel enthusiasts. Hidden away in its rugged landscapes and marine ecosystems are tales of conservation, resilience, and untamed beauty, which are now gaining international attention through the efforts of The European Nature Trust and their upcoming four-part documentary series, Unknown Belize.

Belize is a marvel of environmental preservation. With 80% of its terrain still untouched and teeming with life, the nation boasts an incredible diversity of over 500 bird species, 150 mammals, 150 amphibians and reptiles, over 550 fish species, and more than 3,400 types of plants. It’s a testament to the nation’s dedication to preserving its biodiversity, inching closer to fulfilling the United Nation’s 2030 commitment of protecting 30% of the world’s land and oceans.

Unknown Belize: An Intimate Journey into the Country’s Diverse Ecosystems

Belize’s hidden world unfolds in Unknown Belize, offering an intimate journey through the country’s diverse landscapes and ecosystems. Viewers will be introduced to the elusive jaguars, agile spider monkeys, and the threatened scarlet macaw, among others.

The documentary showcases passionate conservation biologists and local community members who tirelessly work to protect Belize’s treasures. It takes us deep into the vital forest regions like the Maya Forest Corridor and the Mountain Pine Ridge, and underwater to the world’s richest coral reef ecosystems. We’re also brought into Mennonite territory and guided through Belize’s sustainable coffee and chocolate industries.

The series offers a comprehensive exploration of Belize’s natural, historical, and cultural facets, taking you to remote Maya settlements, through hidden sinkholes and river systems, and into the mesmerizing caves of the Chiquibul Forest. Along the journey, you’ll get to savor a variety of local cuisines, celebrating Belize’s rich cultural heritage.

Participating in Belize’s Conservation Journey and Experiencing Its Wonders

Produced by Feste Films, a local Belizean team, and edited in partnership with One Tribe TV in the UK, Unknown Belize is the result of tireless collaboration between several of Belize’s NGOs, all dedicated to preserving the country’s natural heritage. This philanthropically funded work does more than just uncover Belize’s natural wonders—it aims to protect them. Profits from the series will directly support conservation projects in Belize, encouraging responsible tourism and environmental awareness.

Although the UK premiere of Unknown Belize has already taken place at the Royal Geographical Society on June 7, 2023, there are still many ways for you to contribute to Belize’s conservation efforts. You can immerse yourself in Belize’s extraordinary biodiversity through the documentary, which remains a captivating testament to the nation’s commitment to preserving its unique natural heritage. By supporting Unknown Belize, you have the opportunity to contribute towards its preservation and witness the remarkable depiction of one of the world’s most biodiverse nations.

San Ignacio Belize Adventures

After your deep dive into Belize’s natural splendor through Unknown Belize, your curiosity might be kindled to personally experience this unique destination. A great place to start your adventure is the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, nestled amidst a unique jungle setting. An award-winning Belize resort, San Ignacio Resort Hotel offers access to nearby Maya ruins, cave tubing, zip-lining, horseback riding, and many other adventure-filled activities.

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is also renowned for its Green Iguana Conservation Project, underscoring its commitment to Belize’s biodiversity. Guests have the chance to learn about this endangered species while contributing to their preservation efforts.

Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker, or a sustainable travel advocate, Belize and the San Ignacio Resort Hotel offer a unique opportunity to discover, explore, and protect an Eden of biodiversity. Take the journey and step into the story of Belize—a story of resilience, conservation, and undiscovered beauty waiting to welcome you with open arms.

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