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Unique Belize Adventures for Solo Travelers

If the thought of being a solo traveler right now seems terrifying, you're not alone. But if you're willing to take the leap, you'll find that traveling alone has tons of benefits, everything from being more economical, a confidence booster, and a great way to expand your worldview. Belize is a perfect choice for first-time and seasoned solo travelers. Complete with secret jungle trails, hundreds of Maya temple sites, and pristine land and seascapes, the truth is, you may have difficulty deciding which Belize adventure to try first.


When you're ready to escape the confines of the busy, bustling town center, rent a canoe and head for the Macal River's clear, cool waters. After all, the summertime heat is a perfect opportunity for water-themed Belize adventures. Guided by a soft breeze and fragrant blooms, drift slowly, blissfully past the lush riverbank. Paddle at your own pace and follow the river's path as it carries you gently past exotic birds, curious wildlife, and sunbathing iguanas.


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Fancy tea with a twist? What begins with an early morning hike within San Ignacio Resort Hotel's 17-acre private estate quickly becomes a unique hands-on learning experience for nature-lovers. Traverse the Maya jungle landscape, learn how to forage and find local plants and herbs that have been used by local Maya healers for physical as well as spiritual ailments. Bring the adventure to a close with a private tea tasting ceremony using your own unique blend of tropical herbs and flowers.


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If you want to avoid the crowds, this off-the-beaten-path location a mere 16 miles south of San Ignacio Town is a must-have Belize adventure for any true adventurer. Che Chem Ha once served a significant ritual purpose for the ancient Maya. You should know that caves to the Maya, symbolize the sacred Underworld and were often used as places to appease and honor ancient gods and to connect with dead loved ones. Today this cave is known for having the most extensive collection of Maya pottery in Belize and perhaps the entire world.


Another unique Belize adventure we would strongly recommend for solo travelers is horseback riding. These aren't your typical trails. Belize's quaint rural landscape and lush jungle is a refreshing departure from busy thoroughfares. Accompanied by a guide, you'll see and learn about the plethora of tropical flora and fauna of Belize. If you're up to it, you can cross the hand-cranked ferry to the Maya temple site known as Xunantunich, or 'The Stone Maiden'. It gets its name from a legend that holds that the ghost of a beautiful, young Maya woman still haunts this site.


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Finally, for the active thrill-seeker, bar none, the ultimate Belize adventure is Actun Loch Tunich, also known as 'The Monster of All Caves.” You start your day with a 2-hour hike up the Maya Mountains along wooded terrain to the peak of Actun Loch Tunich. Here, you'll find breathtaking panoramic views of the Belize rainforest. Gather your wits and step off the cliff ledge for a 300-feet high rappel to the base of the cave for an overwhelmingly powerful and invigorating Belize adventure like nothing before it.

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