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Top Canoeing Experiences in Western Belize

Water adventures are a great way for everyone to have some fun and explore the beautiful waters of Western Belize up close. Take an exhilarating journey and see some of the amazing wonders that Cayo has to offer; you might even spot a pre historic dinosaur!



Barton Creek rises high in the Mountain Pine Ridge and flows north to join the Belize River near Georgeville. Along the way, it dips underground and then flows through the Barton Creek Cave.


During the Classic Period, it is believed the ancient Maya buried at least 28 people here and left behind thousands of pottery jars, fragments and other artifacts used for rituals. Today, the cave is only accessible by canoe.


Take this journey for a truly unique and relaxing experience that will allow you to paddle through an ancient spiritual ground where you’ll find large crystalline formations and remnants of ancient Maya civilizations- including skeletal remains and other cultural artifacts.


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The Macal River, aptly named for the Macal plant that grows on its riverbanks, is the only thing that divides the twin towns of San Ignacio & Santa Elena. The River rises in a rugged portion of the Maya Mountains and flows in a northerly direction where it joins with the Mopan River to form the Belize River. It is one of our absolute favorite spots to canoe because for seven miles you will be able to enjoy the calm, clean, rainforest waters of the Macal River.


This experience provides the perfect balance of relaxation, adventure and education on a pristine tropical river. As you paddle down river, be on the lookout for exotic birds and prehistoric looking Iguanas that can be seen along the lush vegetated banks.


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Not all that canoe on the Macal River do it at a leisurely pace; some paddle downstream towards the Belize River in search glory and recognition. In the month of March, La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge Race becomes a sport that brings paddlers from all over Belize and the world to be a part of the four-day challenge starting in San Ignacio & Santa Elena’s Hawkesworth Bridge on the Macal River to the BelCan Bridge in Belize City. This gruesome 175-mile race is considered as one of the longest canoe races in Central America. If you are in San Ignacio, be sure to wake up early and catch the teams lineup early morning under the Hawkesworth Bridge– at 7:00am the race kicks off!




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