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10 Epic Things Every Tourist Should Do In San Ignacio Town

things to see and do in san ignacio town

San Ignacio Town holds the title of being the most popular eco-tourist destination in western Belize. The town sits close to several incredible attractions, and anyone who wants to explore will enjoy an abundance of things to do here. You wouldn’t call San Ignacio a beach town, however. Instead, it feels more like a jungle destination not far from some stunning archaeological sites.

Let’s look at the best things to do in San Ignacio.

1. Visit the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market

Offering a truly unique experience, the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market rests on the banks of the Macal River. You will hear English, Spanish, Creole, and even Mayan spoken here. Especially if you visit on a Saturday, you will encounter old rite Mennonites, indigenous Mayas, native Creoles, and Spanish-speaking Mestizos who come to exchange gossip and news while selling their wares.

2.Visit Xunantunich Maya Ruins

Right within sight of the Belize-Guatemala border, the Xunantunich ruins sit on a ridge over the Mopan River. You can take this tour without a guide, but it may be more enjoyable to have a knowledgeable guide show you through the exploration and explain the site.

atm cave in belize

3. Explore the ATM Cave

Journey to the heart of Xibalba, this ancient Maya underworld was listed as a top cave in the world by National Geographic. Explore a labyrinth of flooded passageways and glittering caverns full of 1,000-year-old pottery. Encounter the chilling remains of human sacrifice that happened under the guidance of Maya priests.

4. Visit Cahal Pech Maya Ruins

Hidden in the town of San Ignacio, Cahal Pech was once the acropolis of a ruling family elite. It was settled in 1000 BC and mysteriously abandoned in 800 AD.

5.Tour the Green Iguana Conservation Project

Situated at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, the Green Iguana Conservation Project looks after and protects the endangered green iguanas of Belize. This open-air sanctuary aims to educate people about green iguanas.

belize iguanas

6. Discover Barton Creek Cave

Considered an archaeological site, Barton Creek Cave was once used by the ancient Maya as a ceremonial ground for their activities. You can only explore it using a canoe. Travelers consider it one of the natural wonders of Belize.

7. Explore Mountain Pine Ridge

Established in 1944, the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is a beautiful national park to visit on your vacation. The reserve is home to popular waterfalls like Big Rock and Rio on Pools.

canoeing the macal river

8. Go Canoeing on the Macal River

San Ignacio and its sister town, Santa Elena sit between the Macal River. On a canoeing tour, you will see exotic birds, giant iguanas, and many other native animals.

9. Go Bird Watching

Belize is home to some of the world’s most beautiful birds like the keel-billed toucan and the scarlet macaw. Close to 600 bird species live in Belize with 20 to 25 percent being migrants.

10. Dine at the Running W Restaurant 

The Running W Restaurant is located inside the San Ignacio Resort Hotel and serves a variety of mouthwatering Belizean cuisines.

Steaks are a specialty including the Black Angus rib eye and there’s also a wide range of thoughtfully prepared international dishes.

san ignacio belize restaurant

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in San Ignacio Town, look no further than the award-winning San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

The resort is also centrally situated on a 17-acre private estate and 5-minutes away from San Ignacio Town—an area that features a plethora of cultural, adventurous, and culinary experiences. This characteristic has dubbed the resort “the only jungle in town”.

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