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9 Cool Things to Do in Belize—Beyond the Beach

“I had no idea Belize was such an eclectic place to visit!” say first-timers expecting nothing more than great beaches. The beaches are amazing, but they’re nothing compared to this small nation’s wonders. When you visit, be sure to see all 9 of these cool places, all booked by staff at the elegant San Ignacio Resort Hotel where under-roof tour services are but one of the reasons frequent guests wouldn’t think of staying elsewhere.

1. Iguana Conservation Project


Located on premises, the Iguana Conservation Project draws people from throughout Belize – even those who have no idea that these green, scaly, prehistoric-looking critters are fascinating to people of all ages. This unique exhibit is just one example of how nature meets luxury in some of the most imaginative ways.

2. Tea-tasting medicinal tour

belize tours Guests are often surprised to learn that trails filled with plants, shrubs and bushes offering medicinal properties are part of the hotel’s allure. The resort staff calls the tea-tasting medicinal plant tour a “playground for naturalists,” so expect to be enlightened from start to finish.

3. On- and off-site bird watching

Belize Birding Tours The number of tourists choosing Belize over other nations for bird watching makes the hotel the most natural place in the world for guests fascinated with birds. As of January 2020, the Bird Checklists of the World website estimated that 608 species are found in Belize, 91 of which are rare or “accidental” visitors.

4. Critters of the Night

Belize Fun Tours Don’t be afraid of the dark when you elect to take the Critters of the Night tour because you’ll be in good company. Grab this opportunity to see what Belize wildlife is up to once the sky grows dark. You’ll wear a headlamp, so you don’t miss a thing – especially the authentic Maya chultun that’s part of the tour.

5. Go cave tubing

Belize Adventure Tours Head for the mouth of the Jaguar Paw cave where a comfy, oversized inner tube floats you into the recesses of a cave considered the underworld (Xibalba) by Mayas. You’ll pass stalactites, stalagmites, rock formations, and natural wonders, all revealed by your headlamp’s illumination.

6. Visit a Maya site

Belize Maya Ruin Tours There are 900 Maya sites scattered across Belize. Some are cities, others are small excavations. Visit as many as time permits, prioritizing the most awe-inspiring ones: Xunantunich, Caracol, Cahal Pech. Hotel tour experts oversee all the planning so take as many of these tours as you like without lifting a finger.

7. Try ziplining

Belize Zip Lining Tours The thrilling sport of ziplining attracts daredevils and the not-so-brave, yet the thrill of ziplining over a jungle canopy can be too exciting to say no. Say the word and hotel staff will transport you to a zipline experience that’s safe, fun and challenging. Send selfies to skeptical friends who dared you to take the risk!

8. Visit Mountain Pine Ridge

Belize Nature Tours Declared a natural treasure in 1944, this unique territory in the Cayo District offers 300-miles of the pine forest that delivers a powerful contrast to Belize’s tropical environment. Meet up with curious animals and birds, but the dramatic waterfalls, tranquil streams and deep valleys are most likely to impress you most.

9. Go horseback riding

Belize Horseback Riding Tours Even seasoned equestrians find horseback riding in Belize to be a “horse of a different color.” Imagine tropical trails in place of hills back home and rides that take you through exotic environs like jungles, Maya ruins and so much more. Design your ride to suit your interests courtesy of the hotel’s tour professionals.

Can one Belize resort hotel deliver everything on this list? If the property happens to be the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, the answer is yes.

Not only do guests enjoy gorgeous accommodations, a lush swimming pool, access to in-room wellness services, a tennis court and gear, but the Cayo Gial Tours desk will make sure you see everything on this list and more. Why waste any of your holiday deciding where to go and how to get there when Cayo Gial Tours does it all?

Whether you want to hang around the property and enjoy local experiences that include a casino, cultural resources, farmers market, and eateries or you intend to stay busy day and night on tours, staying at the “only jungle in town” offers you so much more, you’ll add at least 9 other experiences to your list before you return home!

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