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Things to do during a Belize Family Vacation in San Ignacio

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Pack your bags. Hold the mail. It’s time to turn your dream getaway into a real trip! Planning a Belize family vacation might seem like a hassle however, that’s not the case if you’re thinking of visiting San Ignacio. Our hometown has tons of adventures for your family to enjoy!

Check out our list of Things to do During a Belize Family Vacation in San Ignacio

1. Horseback riding

Enjoy open river valleys, jungle views, and explore unexcavated Mayan mounds; this laid-back tour will definitely be a family favorite!

Belize Horseback Riding

2.  Zip lining

Enjoy the adrenaline rush of going through the jungle canopy from one platform to the other. It’s a great ride and so much fun both for kids and adults alike! This tour will have you gliding up to 80ft above ground floor!

Belize Ziplining

3.  Green Iguana Conservation Project

Located at the Resort, the Green Iguana Conservation Project is an educational exhibit that gives you a hands-on opportunity to socialize with Green Iguanas. It’s also an opportunity to get some fantastic photo props!

Green Iguana Project

Belize Iguana Project

4.  Barton Creek Cave

Relax and enjoy a canoe trip into the ancient past. This Maya Cave expedition is an easy-going canoe adventure showcasing spectacular natural wonders. After the tour, you can also jump into the creek for a refreshing swim!

Barton Creek Cave in Belize

5.  San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Not only do we have the Green Iguana Conservation Project located on-site but also a swimming pool that is sure to satisfy you and your family after a hot day of touring San Ignacio. Our Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant also offers a variety of international and local cuisine that will please your taste buds and if needed, a Kid’s Menu

Pool view at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

6.  Ice Cream Shoppe

Recently opened, this quaint and cosy ice cream parlour has a unique selection ice cream flavours ranging from the classic but extraordinary Vanilla scoop to Belizean favourites like Sour Sop and Craboo! FYI, their ice cream is also available at our Belize luxury restaurant

Ice Cream Shoppe in San Ignacio

7.  Mountain Pine Ridge

This adventure will take you on a fun-filled journey of witnessing lovely scenery, swimming, caving, and enjoying a bright and sunny day outdoors.

Mountain Pine Ridge