Belize Travel Notice – Health & Safety
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The Rescue

On Monday 26 March at approximately 10:00am, a female iguana was brought in to the Green Iguana Conservation Project by Ms. Nikki Buxton.  Upon arrival the iguana was examined for any injuries and we noted that she was in her last stage of pregnancy, was severely dehydrated and frightened. Measuring 3 ½ feet in length, the Iguana appeared to be 15 years of age.  One issue that immediately stood out was that the iguana appeared bright orange with brown hue and would at a glance be mistaken for a male iguana.

Ms. Buxton explained that she had obtained the iguana from some local people. Miss Buxton managed to rescue the Iguana and immediately brought her here to the Green Iguana Conservation project where she could be looked after and treated with care.  

We prepared a burrow for the iguana and noted that due to an elevation of stress the iguana had laid three eggs.  Female iguanas in this particular stage of pregnancy prefers to be separated in a quiet area and resting. After an hour of observation and rehydration, the iguana was interacting with a couple of the other females that are kept at the project and comes in and out of her burrow.  She seemed less frightened and we are certain that she will do well with continued care.

We are very grateful to Ms. Buxton and the people who released the iguana and allow her to lay her eggs.  The iguana will be released back into the wild and her eggs will be cared for until hatching.

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