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The Bright Side of Rainy Days in San Ignacio, Belize

Rain, rain…you don’t have to go away!


One of the many reasons to love Belize is the variety of activities available. Not only to different ages or sense of adventure; but also, on weather changes. You don’t need to be disappointed if you get caught up with showers, in fact you might just end up lovin’ it.


Cozying up with a hot cup of (can’t-start-the-day-without) coffee sounds enticing but these activities just might tempt you to get out of bed:


The bright side of rainy days in San Ignacio, Belize.

Running W. Steakhouse & Restaurant/Lobby Bar

Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant and Lobby Bar

Keep it cozy…


Take your partner [or your reading] to a livelier ambience and delicious cocktails & appetizers or, choose from the irresistible menu at our on-site restaurant & bar for a hot and fresh entrée. The views are a bonus!


Green Iguana Conservation Project

Green Iguana Conservation Project

Join our green friends who love the change of weather and learn more about the specie and the role they play in the ecosystem. The Green Iguana Tour has been the #1 activity in San Ignacio for the past 9 years and recently received the Certificate of Excellence for 2018 by TripAdvisor.


Get cultural

Get cultural

Share the cherished culture of the Maya at the San Antonio Community and receive a hands-on culinary experience as you learn how to make one of their famous traditional dishes—a delicious hot caldo (soup) accompanied with handmade corn tortillas. Shortly thereafter, get crafty and create some pottery that you can take home as a souvenir.


Exploring Cahal Pech

Explore Cahal Pech

Obviously we can’t overlook a Belize Maya ruin that would be perfect for a rainy day promenade. Being situated in just two acres, the Cahal Pech archaeological site has a lot of architecture and wildlife to see with less hiking than other nearby ruins. It is also a short walk uphill from downtown San Ignacio.


Spoil yourself with a massage

There is something about the chilly weather that calls for some pampering. An in-room wellness treatment is the perfect solution! Recharge and relax while listening to the sound of the falling rain—we promise you a sunny feel thereafter!


san ignacio

Learn under the drizzle

Appreciate the sounds of raindrops as they fall through the swaying trees and take an on-site educational tour of our Medicinal Trails. Our guide will give you a rundown of how the ancient Maya used to utilize the local flora’s healing properties as remedy for a variety of illnesses or sicknesses.


san ignacio

Rain walk with a view

Take a stroll at the Belize Botanical Gardens, a 45-acre garden hosting a great collection of native species of plants and trees, situated a short drive from the Hotel. The setting and grounds make a perfect spot for quality and luscious photos!


rainy day in belize

Looking for Thrill

Looking for adrenaline? We’ll suggest Che Chem Ha and St. Herman’s Cave. Che Chem Ha hosts the largest collection of Maya pottery in Central America while the latter offers 2-hours of climbing through the Underworld—both of these offer unique ways of witnessing centuries of preserved history.


belize rainy day

Do not disturb

The blanket has stuck and we don’t blame you. We have made the rooms extra cozy and beautiful for your luxury stay. The rain is the perfect excuse to stay in and order some room service and indulge in your favourite book. Romantic novels? How about a soak in the Jacuzzi? Hey! There’s plenty of options.

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