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The Best Place To Travel in Belize in 2024

best resort in san ignacio belizeIt’s a phenomenon that confuses some world travelers: Why do some people insist on a new destination whenever they vacation while others are delighted to return to the same place every year? If you’re among those for whom the familiar is all you crave in a getaway, you’ve already learned how comforting familiarity can be. Eager to understand this mindset, journalist Caroline Bologna queried travelers and received fascinating insights, a few of which may strike a chord for you:

•Some travelers develop an emotional attachment to a place that is so deep, they can’t imagine not returning.
•Proximity is a big draw. It’s easy and prudent to fall in love with a place that takes just a few hours to reach.
•Access to natural wonders never gets old. “It’s easy to get hooked,” noted one non-apologetic returnee.
•Cultural bonding is a huge reason folks return repeatedly, be it for the food, art, history, or music.
•Returning to a familiar place offers comfort, safety, and predictability, thus guests relax more.
•Travelers find special treatment irresistible and love the familiarity staffers offer.

Haven’t yet found the place that captures your heart and mind?

Folks who frequent Belize confess that they wouldn’t consider another nation, and many feel the same way about the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, a property so distinct from others, comparisons are impossible to make. Why do repeat visitors keep coming back? For these reasons and more:

San Ignacio Resort Hotel Wins Belize’s Leading Hotel 2022 at World Travel Awards

•Renovations and upgrades are frequent. It’s important to add fresh touches to environs before they’re needed, and among the latest projects crew finished are re-tiling floors, replacing furnishings and undertaking other projects that keep this classically designed resort looking elegant and welcoming.

•The royal family stays at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. You don’t have to use your imagination to know how high standards are set for venues hosting the late Queen Elizabeth and more recently William and Kate. Frequent visitors say they feel like royalty every time they arrive, too.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel Wins Belize’s Leading Hotel 2022 at World Travel Awards

•The competition for awards, recognition and other forms of excellence is keen in Belize, and the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has been granted so many, only modesty stops staff from bragging! You can ask to see how many times this property has been given kudos or just check the website when you make your reservation.

green iguanas belize

•You won’t find cookie-cutter tours at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Instead, attractions designed to sooth mind, body, and spirit await guests. From the spirit-lifting copal cleanse to the authentic Maya fish preparation tour and medicinal garden experiences—not to mention the most often-named #1 Belize attraction, the Iguana Conservation Project—guests are treated to a wealth of options onsite and via the resort’s tour menu.

One sojourn at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has been known to convince even cynical travelers of the wisdom of staying within the embrace of this jungle haven. Don’t be surprised if you too become a passionate returnee eager to trade stress for tranquility and blessed peace.

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