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The Beauty of San Ignacio Town

When it comes to places to go for an adventure getaway, it’s easy to think of big cities in Central America. But our Jewel Belize is filled with places that are less heralded but no less magnificent—like our San Ignacio Town!


Aerial of San Ignacio Town

Known for its beautiful natural surroundings, our hometown also offers travelers a homey, laid-back, and friendly environment. On the other side, San Ignacio is filled with loads of historical landmarks and fun places to visit during your Belize vacation such as…


1. San Ignacio Police Station


San Ignacio Police Station

San Ignacio Town


Built in the 1950s, the Police Station is a piece of Colonial history that has persisted for many years. Today, the building also holds the Treasury and Magistrate Court. Not only is this a historical place but the mural painted on its facade by local artists makes for an excellent photo prop!


2. Hawksworth Bridge


Hawksworth Bridge

Macal River in San Ignacio

Built in 1949, this bridge is the only public suspension bridge in all of Belize. The bridge connects the twin towns of Santa Elena & San Ignacio and crosses over the Macal River for great views of surrounding towns and nature.


3. San Ignacio Public Library


San Ignacio Public Library


The Library initially started as a “sub-library” that consisted of books kept in the Commissioner’s Office back in 1936. Over the years and after a few relocations, the Library finally settled on the grounds of Cayo’s old meat market in 2010. The Library contains a variety of books for children and adults alike. Happy readings!


4. AJAW Chocolate & Crafts


Ajaw Chocolate Making

AJAW Chocolate

For the sweet tooth, get hands-on with an authentic chocolate making experience as you create your own delectable dessert. Add a little spice, honey, or brown sugar…whatever your taste buds desire. Great fun…and SUPER delicious!


5. San Ignacio Market

Market Day in San Ignacio

Market Day in San Ignacio Town

Fruits at Market in San Ignacio

For an upbeat and busy morning, check out the San Ignacio Market. Here you’ll find a variety of “stuff”—from beautiful plants, to local street food, to handcrafted decorations and jewelry, to amazingly delicious fruits from our local farmers!


6. Welcome Centre

Cayo Welcome Center


Welcome Center in San Ignacio


Learn about the values, resources, and traditions of the area. This central hub occasionally hosts shows and musicals for the local community and offers a perfect place to relax in the evenings.



There’s so much more to see in San Ignacio Belize.  So, if you would like to get a full exposure of the Cayo experience, feel free to contact us at for fun-filled Belize cultural tour!




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