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Southwest Airlines Introduces New Flight to Belize

Southwest Airlines


You read it right! Southwest Airlines announced the introduction of a new route to Belize-Houston a few months ago. And the day is FINALLY here! 

Starting October 15, 2015 the airline will make daily flights available to Belize. Tickets have been introduced for as little as US$99 one-way and guess what…! Two bags (up to 50 pounds) are free of charge!

Our little Jewel is a hotspot for many travellers not only because of its spectacular hotels and resorts, breathtaking Maya ruins, jungle adventures, exquisite local food, beautiful coastal beaches, and overall ambiance but it is also the only English-speaking country in Central America. Talk about easy travel. Pack up your bags and take the opportunity for a Belize luxury vacation!

Congrats to you Southwest Airlines! Keep ‘em coming!

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