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Smarter Travel: 10 Romantic Hotels For Your Honeymoon

The engagement. The announcement. The rehearsal. The ceremony. The reception. Oh, the joys of getting hitched. Although extremely gratifying, none of these events are as joyful for the couple as the aftermath—the honeymoon.

Dining at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

So Smarter Travel website decided to compile a list of 10 Romantic Hotels for your Honeymoon, an exclusive catalog showcasing honeymoon destinations from all over the world. The list took into consideration resorts renowned for their hospitable service, breath-taking natural surroundings, and nearby activities for the newlyweds to enjoy. 


San Ignacio Resort Hotel


Our Resort’s charm seems to have enchanted Smarter Travel as we made it to No. 2 on the list! San Ignacio Resort Hotel is not only known for providing visitors with unsurpassed levels of luxury service and hospitality, but its surroundings also offer a vast array of Belize jungle adventures, tasteful food, and a pleasant local vibe to make the honeymoon experience a one-of-a-kind. 


Honeymoon Couple

Thanks Smarter Travel for your appreciation of our Jewel! CLICK HERE to view the full list.


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