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San Ignacio Resort Hotel wins 2021 Travelers Choice Award

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For travelers visiting Belize who want an unforgettable experience, they might want to consider a stay at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in the beautiful Cayo District. This family-owned boutique hotel situated on a lush, 17-acre private estate has been awarded the coveted Travelers’ Choice Award by TripAdvisor.

What makes this award so special is that it is so rare. Of all the hotels, restaurants, airlines, and other businesses featured on TripAdvisor, only a few receive this special status. In 2019, prior to the pandemic, there were millions of ratings collected but only 4,817 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards were given out. Each of these businesses are known for being of the highest quality, consistently being ranked within the top 10% of comparable properties on the site.

Established in 1976, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is not just a great place to stay, it is also the center of many of the activities that make the town of San Ignacio a popular tourist destination.

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For example, it is the home of the Green Iguana Conservation Project. Started in 1996, this exhibit is at the forefront of rehabilitation efforts for the threatened Green Iguana. The project allows visitors to learn more about this beautiful reptile that is vital to the local river ecology.

Visitors can take a tour to learn about the life cycle of this species. The project raises and releases representatives of the species into the wild. This unique place has become the number 1 activity in San Ignacio according to TripAdvisor.

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is also home to the award-winning Running W Restaurant. What is unique about this farm-to-market style gourmet restaurant is that it showcases meats from the family’s own ranch. Given that the hotel also has the largest event facility in the district, and you can see why this is the best place in San Ignacio to hold upscale business conferences, training sessions and other such events.

For tourists, there are a wide array of other attractions such as easily accessible in-room wellness treatments and the beautiful outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts.

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An on-site tour company, Cayo Gial Tours, makes your experience at the resort even better as you simply let the management know what activities you are interested in and let them do the rest. All of these amenities will contribute towards making your stay one of the most impeccable and relaxed you have ever known.

No wonder the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has not only won the Travelers’ Choice Award but also the “Hotel of the Year” award in both 2012 and 2016 as well as the 2015 “Hospitality Award” and the 2016 “Restaurant of the Year” Award from the Belize Tourism Board.

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