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San Ignacio Resort Hotel Turns 46

San Ignacio Resort Hotel Turns 46

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is once more turning a new chapter, this August 2022 as it celebrates its 46th birthday — officially marking close to 5 decades of treating guests like royalty, giving them the best of services in the hospitality industry, and building on that service over the past years.

As a premier and perennial award-winning Belize resort, we are proud of the wisdom and reputation that we have earned over the years serving generations of locals and foreign travelers dating as far back as 1976.

In recent years, we have been greeted by nervous guests who booked into our property without an inkling of what to expect, but who later left contented and satisfied with the services that our well-trained staff and management bestowed upon them while in our care.

Forty-six years means that we had enough time to listen to recommendations from our guests, entwine them into our daily routines and perfect them so that we can provide unmatched service and exceptional accommodations that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

Our History


Our humble beginnings date as far back as 1976, when our founder Escandar Bedran officially opened the doors of his dream hotel which consisted of 14 rooms, in honor of the town he was born in.

Bedran started out his hospitality career by initially opening a nightclub on Hudson Street in San Ignacio. That was later followed by a dance hall and a community center with classrooms, all of which served as a social hub for the community.

Together these venues hosted dances, weddings, school plays, and other community events. Mr. Bedran then branched off into investing in a distillery that produced local rums, but following an inferno, our founder resorted to buying out agricultural land so that he could pursue his dream of opening a dream resort that would cater to locals and visitors from across the world.

Our Highlights

San Ignacio Resort

Over the years we have earned a reputation for providing services fit for royalty, and while we do agree with that sentiment, we initially were given that vote of confidence for hosting no lesser personage than Her Excellency Queen Elizabeth during her travels to the jewel in 1994.

Our staff has also catered to Prince Harry during the Royal Jubilee Tour in 2012 that was held at the Xunantunich Maya temple.

As recently as this year, we also hosted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Williams, and his wife Kate for the Queens Platinum Jubilee. The royal couple’s tour of the Caribbean, including Belize, was in honor of the Queen’s 70-year reign on the throne.

Come Out and Join the Celebrations

Belize Vacations

Book your stay at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel today and join us as we celebrate our latest milestone achievement.

Learn of surprise giveaways and events that we will be having for the month of August when you book with us.

We are an iconic property that sits in the heart of the twin towns and boasts a mixture of lush garden rooms, jungle views, and river suites, that are sure to satisfy your heart’s delight.

Sample our succulent meats raised on the family farm and indulge yourself in our tasty local cuisines that are prepared by our experienced chef at our Running W Restaurant.

You can also order yourself a cold drink from our local in-house bar and lounge by the pool as you make the most of your vacation.

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel says cheers to 46, cheers to our staff, and cheers to all of our guests who have played a crucial role in our evolution.

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