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Discover the Most Romantic Experience Belize Has to Offer

belize romantic vacations

With its proximity to hundreds of islands, a barrier reef, and miles upon miles of beautiful inland frontier, Belize is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for couples looking for the perfect Caribbean getaway. Belize certainly has the sights, sounds, and experiences to deliver a transcendentally romantic experience — but the perfect trip can feel a little less perfect when you find yourself surrounded by countless other couples having the same canned experience. Because while high-priced island resorts promise you the world, the town of San Ignacio — and particularly the San Ignacio Resort Hotel — can deliver on the promise of a romantic retreat that truly feels unique.

Straddling Two Worlds

romance in belize

The beauty of Belize’s beaches and the surrounding Caribbean Sea has gotten plenty of attention, but you can find just as much beauty on land as you can at sea. San Ignacio Town is considered the gateway to the Cayo District — a verdant expanse of mountains, forests, and rivers that are a source of both agriculture and adventure. Whether you’re looking to bask together under a cascading waterfall, zipline across lush jungles, or simply take a romantic horseback ride at sunset, you’re perfectly positioned in San Ignacio to really grab life by the horns.

An Experience Built For The Two of You

belize romantic vacations

Belize’s romantic package offers a fully curated experience that’s perfect for a honeymoon, an anniversary, or just a chance to center your relationship with that special someone. And since everything is planned ahead of time, you can just kick back and enjoy the experience rather than have to fulfill any planning requirements. But if you prefer to wing it or you want to tailor an experience built to your specific desires, the world is your oyster. A variety of inclusive packages are supplemented by a la carte tours and other experiences.

A Suite Worth Sleeping In At

romance in belize

While the Honeymoon Suite is the perfect accommodation for an indulgent couple, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is actually home to 27 elegant rooms, each with its own sense of personality. No matter what budget you’re working with, you can find a room that’s cozy and comfortable for the two of you. And if you decide you want to spend your whole couples trip in bed, that’s fine too. Order up something special from the on-site Running W Restaurant, and schedule in-room treatments from the hotel spa menu.

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