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A Helpful Guide to Responsible Travel in Belize

A Helpful Guide to Responsible Travel in Belize

Do you understand what the phrase “responsible travel” means? Not many people do, writes Veronica Morrison in a Huffington Post article. She found rampant misconceptions when asking for a definition.

For example, some people think that responsible travel is an extreme or unrealistic effort that really doesn’t apply to them. But when Morrison explains that responsible travel is simply being aware of places you visit and reaching a more enlightened understanding of natural practices and the people who use them, they nod their heads.

Morrison recommends applying your newfound understanding of this concept next time you travel, and no destination surpasses Belize because you don’t have to travel far and it’s easier to get to know people and eco-practices when folks explain them in English, Belize’s first language.

A Helpful Guide to Responsible Travel in Belize

Why Belize is nirvana for responsible travelers

Having already mentioned proximity and language, everything about Belize is an homage to sustainability. Protected parks. An offshore reef that’s being rehabilitated. Persistent attention by world wildlife and environmental groups welcomed by the government to help the nation with all aspects of its commitment to green practices. Staying at a resort that prioritizes the environment over profits, you couldn’t choose a more appropriate place to sojourn than the San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

Frequently cited by environmentalists, the media, and visitors who won’t stay elsewhere, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has been called “A shining example of eco-tourism at its best.” You’ll find more awareness-raising opportunities than you’ve ever imagined. From accommodation lodgings furnished with locally obtained lumber to landscaping that is limited to indigenous flora and fauna. Even onsite amenities are eco-centered.

Onsite amenities showcase sustainability practices

•The resort’s onsite restaurant is a marvel. Produce is purchased at the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market, minus the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals, and preservatives. A local ranch maintaining sustainable practices provides the meat on the menu and seafood freshness is assured.

A Helpful Guide to Responsible Travel in Belize

•The resort’s medicinal trail does more than function. It’s a center of learning where guests discover plants that heal and rehabilitate based on ancient Maya practices. This 17-acre garden is the quintessential natural laboratory.

•Holistic spa services and onsite birding opportunities enhance and enrich a stay. Marta Curti wrote an entire book about the therapeutic power of bird watching.

•The star of this resort’s eco-friendly installations is the Green Iguana Conservation Project, frequently called Belize’s #1 attraction. This one-of-a-kind epicenter of all things iguana has not only helped to reverse iguana extinction patterns but visitors are inspired.

A Helpful Guide to Responsible Travel in Belize

There’s more to know about as you make your own personal commitment to responsible travel on the grounds of this remarkable property, including the availability of tours to coastal playgrounds so you don’t miss out on marine activities that bring so many visitors to Belize.

Feeling committed to eco-travel? The San Ignacio Hotel Resort offers you the best of everything: Fun, posh surroundings amid an environment that’s the pride of this haven’s owners and a living example of Mother Nature’s finest work!

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