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Polly Red Head

The common Belizean name for this flower is the Polly Red Head. It is also known by it’s Maya name, Ix-canan, which means “guardian of the forest.” Indigenous people in Belize use the plant to prepare a natural remedy to treat all types of skin problems including, sores, rashes, wounds, burns, itching, cuts, skin fungus, and insect stings and bites. The remedy is prepared by boiling a double handful of leaves, stems and flowers in 2 gallons of water for 10 minutes. After it cools, it's applied liberally to the affected area. This same remedy is also drunk as a tea to relieve menstrual cramps.

Polly Red Head on a Belize Jungle Tours

Polly Red Head atSan Ignacio Resort Hotel

Polly Red Head seen on Belize Jungle Adventures

San Ignacio Resort Hotel grows Polly Red Head plants

You can read more about the medicinal uses of the Ix-canan and many other facts HERE.

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