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Our team member Levi is featured in a documentary!

Last week in June, our skilled gardener Levi Moe was the star of San Ignacio Resort Hotel!

Levi was featured in a documentary that explores the lives of former students of the Belize Botanic Garden program funded by the European Union’s Belize Rural Development Project. The program provides individuals from all over Belize the chance to gain knowledge of the flora found in our Jewel and to “create employment in gardening and other plant related areas”.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel staff being interviewed

Although a little bit nervous in the beginning (okay, a lot!), Levi was interviewed about how his life changed after taking this educational program. He explained that by successfully completing this course he was able to ultimately become part of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s team (YAY for us!). The documentary also features him getting hands-on and dirty at our Medicinal Trails and garden areas on a hot summer day.

Check out the behind-the-scenes!

San Ignacio Resort Hotel Levi being interviewed

Belize Cayo Resort Hotels documentary team shoot

San Ignacio Resort Hotel documentary team shooting levi gardening

San Ignacio Resort Hotel Levi gardening

We would like to thank the team for stopping by the Resort and paying Levi a visit. Also, thank you Levi for keeping our grounds looking gorgeous as ever! We’re proud of you!

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