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Happy Earth Day 2015!

Today is a day to commemorate this beautiful planet of ours.  Recognized globally, Earth Day provides an opportunity for us to demonstrate support for the protection and preservation of our environment, encourage more sustainable and green living and well…acknowledge what Mother Earth has given us!


Yellow Orchid (Oncidium excavatum)

As a celebration for Earth Day, San Ignacio Resort Hotel hosted the children of ATK— a small educational and recreational group for teens and kids in San Ignacio. The kids used their creativity to do some art made out of objects picked up from our Medicinal Trails such as dry leaves, dirt, stones, flowers, and petals and also, another group art piece with all their hand prints! All of which came out wonderfully!


Green Iguana Conservation Project

Earth Day 2015

Earth Day Poster

Earth Day 2015 Poster

Earth Day 2015

And of course, it wouldn't end there! These lovely kiddos also got the chance to visit our little friends at the Green Iguana Conservation Project where they learnt about the importance of these reptiles to the ecosystem and had a hands-on experience to play with them!


Green Iguana Conservation Project

GICP at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Green Iguana Conservation Project

To celebrate Earth Day, San Ignacio Resort Hotel is proud to offer FREE Iguana Tours at Green Iguana Conservation Project.

So, what are YOU doing for your planet today? 





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